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Lee Seunggi Attends KB Bank ‘Seunggi Sarang’ Branch Opening [Fancam, Photos]

August 4, 2014.  Grand opening of Seunggi Sarang KB Bank branch in Incheon, by Seunggi Intersection ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Seunggi like a boss in 3-piece, double-breasted tailored suit, showing up at his namesake.  But the hair… wae?  And this was soon after You’re All Surrounded.  I miss you EunDaeGu~~~~  Awesome photos. Lovely fancam!! (at 2:00 breaking to give a wave~~~ Awwww #LoveHim)!

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KB Bank ‘Seunggi Sarang’ Branch in Incheon Named After KB Endorsement Model Lee Seunggi

August 4, 2014. KB Bank Seunggi Sarang branch opening, Incheon.  English translation of the KB Bank news segment and the KBrockstar interview with the branch manager about the origin of the branch name and connection to Lee Seunggi.

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Lee Seung Gi ‘TK2H Prince-King Lee Jae Ha’ Leaving KB Bank ‘Hi! Story’ Event [Fancam]

(video: sh Reine)

February 25, 2014. Seunggi leaving KB event in Yeo-Ei-Do.  Just like ‘The King 2 Hearts’ Prince-King Lee JaeHa!  Fancam is SO freaking awesome. I can’t get over it!  But of course it’s awesome~ since it’s from fancam extraordinaire Sh Reine!

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Lee Seung Gi at KB Bank ‘Hi! Story’ Savings Event [Photos]

February 25.  KB Bank ‘Hi! Story’ Savings Event in Yeo-Ei-Do.  Seunggi’s hair and suit look are just simply~  $@#^&%~~!!!  I was such the happy LSGfangirl this day!  Photos from these fans are always SO jjang.

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[Blog] Meeting Lee Seung Gi Over Flowers at KB Bank

Feburary 26, 2014. Meeting Lee Seunggi Over Flowers
English: LSGfan via seanpyo.com

Somehow I get to see Lee Seunggi often. I think he’s a celeb with great self-management. Well-mannered, not engaging in needless talk.  Lee Seunggi is a self-confident young adult but as a celeb, it’s hard to see self-importance in him. Perhaps I believe this is the reason why he has been beloved for so long.

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Lee Seung Gi & KB Bank President Kick-off ‘Hi! Story’ Event

February 25, 2014.  KB Bank president Lee Gunho and CF endorsement model Lee Seunggi took a commemorative photo to kick off the ‘KB Hi! Story Installment Savings Plan.’  The event is aimed at encouraging customers to save long-term toward retirement and beyond.

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Lee Seung Gi for KB Financial Group Endorsement ‘Happy Smile, Happy Life, KB Life’ Promo Ad

I think this is the first time we’ve see Seunggi on a promo ad for KB Life.  On January 26, KB Financial Group’s life insurance division, KB Life, updated its FB page with ‘Happy Smile, Happy Life, KB Life’ Seunggi~ the motto is such a perfect match for our guy… since his life is all about living in happiness with a happy smile!

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