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Singapore interview asks Seunggi about Hodong [NTD TV]

More news coverage of the Singapore visit.  Really love how Seunggi’s shown major respect for Hodong hyung since his temporary leave, respecting his privacy and not talking loosely or publicly about stuff, unless directly asked about it.  Will everyone finally get to see the return of Korea’s best MC combo ever…??!!

LSG @1:30 [Asked about Kang Ho Dong] He is such a brilliant sunbaenim to me. And it would be nice if we were to have the opportunity to work together again.   There have been a lot of reports about his comeback in Korea, but as none of this has come directly stated from Kang Ho Dong sunbaenim, as a hoobae, I’m very cautious about saying anything regarding this.

Video: New Tang Dynasty (NTD) Television, English: LSGfan

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Lee Seung Gi on drama ratings-paradigm shift, MCs Hodong-Jaesuk’s humility, and plans for his worrying mom

Lee Seung Gi, only at 25 years old and already ascending…

English: LSGfan via Newsis/Naver

[June 10, 2012. Reporter Lee Ye Seul] With the North Korean storyline, MBC ‘The King 2 Hearts’ was a very heavy and weighty drama.  At times, lead actor Lee Seung Gi (25) had to demonstrate being cold-hearted, while tough and strong at other times.

If the acting did not have a strong underpinning, things could have been shaky.  As the drama also involved politics and policy storylines, it can be easily viewed as having been an obstacle for many viewers.  So why did Lee Seung Gi chose a difficult path versus a more secure and safe one?

‘I myself know best whether things are just a one-time popularity thing with me or not.  I think it would have been dangerous if I did another sweet romance.  There are actors that have high tv ratings results because they are very skilled and then there are cases where even though the tv ratings are high, the actors seem uneasy.  I feel that having acted in ‘The King 2 Hearts’ is very poignant timing in my career as an actor.’

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1N2D singing and ping-pong with Seunggi, Mong, members

The legendary days of 1N2D never get old~~!!!  The cuts still make me LOL and can brighten up a totally sucky day!  The days of Hodong, Seunggi, Mong, Jiwon, Kim C, Sugeun, and staff… when 1N2D was mainly about bringing hilarious laughs and heartwarming tears, and less about minting individual career stepping stones…

1N2D Baekdusan Special – I love you oh thank you

(video:  87leeseunggi)

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Farewell to our forever Strong Heart, MC Lee Seung Gi [ENG]

MC Lee Seunggi~~Thanks for all the laughs and tears! (Thx Hodong too!)

(video: beedance07 )

Right before MC Lee’s last recording…

(video: kangsimzang)

Strong Heart Photodiary production team’s goodbye to Seunggi…

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KBS’ first official 1N2D goodbye to Seunggi, Jiwon, Na PD via preview; tells us not to be sad since Season 2 is coming…

WTF?  Really?!  This is supposed to make me less sad?  I’m still in disbelief over KBS using the 1N2D brand and attaching Season 2 instead of going for a new name, but really… KBS thinks devoted fans of 5 years broadcast of 1N2D… we never got to properly say goodbye to Hodong or Mong, and then got treated to the debacle that was the 2011 KBS Entertainment Awards, and since have been subject to relentless leaks to the press trying to slight certain 1N2D members… that this type of lame way of expressing its first official statement on the show ending and the new show is going to make me “anticipate” the new show?!  Yeah, right.  Ok.  Whatever…

Preview: 1N2D episode, Feb. 5, 2012

It’s that time, 1 Night 2 Days season 1 is coming to an end. It’s sad.
With Kim C, MC Mong, and Kang Hodong having left, now even Na Young Suk PD… It’s really sad.
But don’t be sad because Season 2 will be starting. Don’t you feel like some refreshing aspect will captivate us? I’m already anticipating…
Anticipating 1N2D Season 2, KBS2 Sunday program, check it out…

Together with familiar and friendly face, Professor Yoo, we search for Korean treasures in the city.  1 Night 2 Days, Seoul History part 1.

Lee Seunggi, Eun Jiwon~ Goodbye.

English: LSGfan, Video: Tryp96

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Former 1N2D’s Shin PD’s tweet: “final group photo” dream

I had a dream. Everyone had gathered together dressed in formal wear, and were taking a final group photo together…  Keeping watch from afar, crying endlessly, I woke up.  So beautiful… heartfelt… lovely… I guess it is what I was wishing for… [Jan. 12, 2012]

twitter@Shinhjpd, English: LSGfan

Shin PD must be referring to 1N2D?!~~  I hope Na PD plans (or is permitted by KBS!) to wrap up the past 4+ years of precious memories on 1N2D’s own terms…  with a tribute to ALL the beloved 1N2D members and staff who spent every-other-weekend traveling overnight and giving their 100% effort to foremost bring laughter and tears to viewers and fans.  They cultivated a sense of family and brotherhood in the realest Korean sense of ups and downs, spats, genuine affection…  making 1N2D what it has become today, and sealing 1N2D’s place as the “nation’s show” in Korea…

We knew Kim C was fine, I felt so relieved to see recent photos showing that Mong and Hodong are indeed okay and haven’t lost hope~~ and perhaps, hopefully also found peace along the way too…

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MNET MIC Interview [ENG] – Happy Birthday Lee Seunggi!

UPDATED with Mediafire download links from Beedance:
MNET MIC interview: Lee Seunggi, Part 1
MNET MIC interview: Lee Seunggi, Part 2

January 13, 2012 – Happy Birthday to Seunggi!  As promised, here it is~~ the FULL, awesome MNET MIC interview with English subs [from Nov 27, 2011].  With a special birthday wish to Seunggi at the beginning~~!  One of the best full-length interviews Seunggi has done talking about music, and also variety and dramas.  You guys will all just love him more… if that’s possible~~!!!  Hope Seunggi has the best year ever!  Happy Birthday to dear Seunggi~~~~!  Enjoy the awesome interview!  Thx Beedance!

UPDATE- OMG, love this so much (and even more with Beedance’s subs!) Ok, it’s LONG, so you may have to watch in parts! Seunggi always has such intricate and lengthy responses! So, see below for Table of Contents (Ha!) + some fun excerpts..

[@0:00~] Happy Birthday Seunggi!

[@2:40~] MNET MIC interview intro

[@5:40~] 2011 – Lee Seunggi’s 5th album < Tonight >
With top musicians involved and various genres included, an album with a higher level of musicianship.

[@7:30~] Story behind “Time for Love”

A song resulting from extreme loneliness… Feeling lonely, wishing I had a girlfriend now. Going out together, eating great food together. That constant feeling of loneliness…

I was in Japan. I was laying down in my room and the hotel plaza area was really nice. I thought, two guys shouldn’t be hanging out here! Before going out for beers, it was written in 20 minutes. I thought, why not write some lyrics before going out? I wrote down what I wanted to say. Then adding some melodies, what I recorded before leaving was “Time for Love.” The song came out that way. It felt good. Since I wrote it, you then get greedy…

First, I suggested we have a narration. A guy and girl talking to one another about that encounter. We were just going to bring in anyone, and I would do the guy’s part. But I thought it’d be nice if a good person did it. Then Hyojoo happily agreed to it. Originally, the lines were very short, after the song. But after Hyojoo got involved, I thought we need to go bigger. Let’s go for a whole bridge. So it became longer, split into 2 parts. When Hyojoo first got the narration,she said “It’s going to be hard to act out this bad dialogue!” But because Hyojoo did such a good job, I think the song turned out well.

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