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Actor-Singer-MC Seunggi’s 2010 Awards wrap-up

There’s a reason Uhm-chin-ah, Nation’s brother, Multi-entertainer, Actor, MC, Singer Seunggi is one of Korea’s most beloved!  Ok, anyone not impressed by Seunggi’s 2010 awards needs a serious head check!  And because of his hardworking, sincere, humble attitude, Seunggi having practically no antis is legendary in K-entertainment!  And we’re talking some major award events, and some major awards that actually award talent!  Of course, in addition to the fan fave popularity ones…


News and BTS clips from 2010 KAA Awards [ENGvideos]

*** UPDATED with English-subbed videos from angel fan RAPPORT2010 ***

This MC in the clip should look familiar, aside from his gig on Star Golden Bell.  His current admiration for Seunggi is equally total fanboy, just as it was exactly 2 years ago during his Seunggi interview for the 2008 Letter to Angels photoshoot!  All the Korean MCs totally adore uhm-chin-ah Seunggi…

Funny entertainment show clip on 2010 KAA Awards, 10/25/2010


Most desired male CF model, 2010 KAA Awards [Photos]

Chosen as the male endorsement model most desired by advertisers for the second straight year, photos of SeungGi from the 2010 Korean Advertisers Association Awards event on October 21. He received the Good Model award…


2010 KAA Awards, Seunggi & Minah speeches [EngSubs]

SSTV clip, Presentation of award and speech [Eng subs]
I just loved what seunggi said and how he said it when he accepted his award. So sincere. Perfect example of why people can’t help but to like Seunggi…

(cr: ENGrapport; tryp96.tumblr) Thx guys!

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Lee Seung Gi wins 2010 Korea Advertisers Association Good Model Award, 2nd year in a row [Article]

Congrats to Seunggi for winning the 2010 KAA (Korea Advertisers Association) Good Model Award!  And for winning the award for the second year in a row!   Hoi Couple’s other half, Shin Min Ah, won the female counterpart award.  Last year, Son Dambi won the award along with Seunggi.  Making things even more special, Seunggi presented the KAA Good Program Award for the variety category to SBS Strong Heart…

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