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‘The Romantic’ – Seunggi and former 1N2D production team reunite, narrate new show about finding love set in Croatia

THE ROMANTIC, season 1, episode 1 cut – Narrator: Seunggi

[clip of the very sweet and romantic ‘Before Sunrise’ starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy] Do you remember the movie, ‘Before Sunrise?’  A romantic experience in a new place. What would happen if that story became a reality?

You too, can become the main person in a romantic movie…

A 10-day romantic getaway, in search of love’s destiny. It may be that once in a lifetime magical time that never comes again.

The excitement from traveling… a very special encounter found within.  Hello, I am the romanticist, Lee Seunggi.

The neighborhood mischievous kid. The pretty-faced little girl. The kid who dreamed to be a pianist. Living different lives in different places, this is a trip like no other. We present you with the 10 days of their romantic getaway trip.

English: LSGfan, Video: 87leeseunggi

Yay, more of Seunggi’s sweet narrating voice!  He’s going to be SO jealous with envy, seeing these people traveling in gorgeous Croatia, dating,  finding love, while um… he watches film footage and narrates THEIR love stories!  Ha.  ‘The Romantic’ is sorta similar to popular SBS reality show ‘Jjak’ (or Match), BUT has a travel abroad component, which makes it so more romantic!!!  And looks like a more high-brow, polished production.   Plus, it comes from former 1N2D’s PD Lee Myung Han (who’s loved LSG lots from the start), female PD Yoo, writers Daeju and others…

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Come to Play: Seunggi, Lee Sun Hee, Jung Yup [ENG, Ep 2]

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This is the follow-up episode to Come to Play, Episode 1 [ENG].  Most of this Ep. 2 of Come to Play was English-subbed… since it was SO much fun!  Love the Seunggi and Jung Yup back and forth.  Jung Yup talks about being voted off I am a Singer and Shin Min Ah’s singing for Sha La La song on My Girlfriend is a Gumiho OST.  And Teacher SunHee just loves her fave student SO much!  She even brought up ideal girl Yoona first!!!  Seunggi’s My Own Ranking is daebak!  So glad they chose to extend over a 2-episode Come To Play, which they don’t do regularly… Enjoy!~

(Video: Big Thanks! to Beedance07 & friends!)

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Come to Play: Seunggi, Lee Sun Hee, Jung Yup [ENG, Ep 1]

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*** UPDATED:  Episode 1, Parts 1-5 [ENG] completed. Daebak! ***

Yay, English-subbed Come to Play, Episode 1 [April 25, 2011] with Seunggi and related Teacher SunHee and JungYup cuts is here!  *Clap Clap Clap* for Beedance!  Entire episode has been uploaded (including a few non-subbed sections) because the entire episode is pretty daebak, plus lots of Seunggi camera flashes! Enjoy!

Ep 1, Come to Play, Part 1/5

Seunggi, Jung Yup, Hong Kyung Min sing Teacher’s songs. Want more of Seunggi singing J! The hoobaes talk about what Teacher means to them. Non-subbed gist~ Jung Yup talking about his stint on MBC hit show “I Am A Singer” and how he was the first one to be officially voted off.  But how it was a great experience.  Hong Kyung Min (one of the regular panelists on Strong Heart) being the new MC for music show Icon.

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Only 3 girls have Seunggi’s number, but ideal girl is Yoona

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Come to Play: Seunggi, Lee Sun Hee, Jung Yup [ENG, Ep 2]

Omg, after being Come to Play obsessed for the past week, I liked Part 2 just as much, maybe even more than last week’s Part 1.  The Part 2 episode (aired May 2) had all sorts of goodies, including the 3 misconceptions women have about Seunggi.  (that is, according to Seunggi!)  Not surprisingly, Yoona as Seunggi’s ideal girl and the 3 female celebs that have Seunggi’s phone number is getting all the buzz…

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TV ratings, Come to Play: Lee Sun Hee & Kids special Pt 1

Read recap from Come to Play Part 2 at: 
Only 3 girls have Seunggi’s number, but ideal girl is Yoona

Somehow, this morphed into the Come to Play – Lee Seung Gi blog over the past few days!  Monday’s Part 1 of the “Lee Sun Hee and Kids” special (yes, there’s a Part 2 week!) totally lived up to the pre-broadcast heartwarming Come to Play BTS photos

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