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Seunggi for Zipel’s 2012 new kimchi fridge design [Aug 2011]

Can’t wait to see photos of Seunggi modeling the fridge at the event! Ha. (Cody, I’m warning you~!)  Wow, time really flies!  This was Seunggi at last year’s kimchi fridge unveiling~ And at last year’s Massimo Zucchi launch~  Aw, one year goes by so quickly!  Kimchi is Korea’s most famous signature side-dish and so the competitive world of Kimchi fridge CFs (fridges in general) are no joke!  Especially when we’re talking about the select big brands and the A-listers brought on to endorse them~

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Sincerity (Seunggi) mantra re: Lee Ji Ah marriage scandal

Can’t help but to chime in on the shocking news about the 14-year secret marriage between Kpop old school original, Seo Tai Ji, and actress Lee Ji Ah, last seen in SBS drama Athena. And how beloved A-list actor and ultimate catch Jung Woo Sung got dragged in only because it was revealed last month that he and Lee Ji Ah (whom he filmed Athena with) were indeed dating…

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Congrats to Hallyu Seunggi for his first award of 2011!

Ok, Seunggi just wrapped up an amazing year with a slew of 2010 awards in acting, mcing, and singing.  And now he’s gone and started the new year with a bang by receiving his first award of 2011, and on his 25th (24th in American age) birthday!


NYC snow blessings for Seunggi’s 25th Birthday

So in addition to strolling through a gorgeous snowy white Central Park while listening to my ipod, LSGfan will be celebrating this special day in Seunggi style…

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Jung WooSung & SeungGi together in Chung Jung Won CF?

*** Looks like it was just a rumor ***

Per DClsg, SeungGi filmed his 2nd CF for Chung Jung Won a few days ago, and supposedly actor Jung Woo Sung (currently filming SBS drama Athena and also former Chung Jung Won cf model) visited the filming set.  It’s unclear whether Jung WooSung came to the set just to visit or to film a segment of the CF together with SeungGi.  It’s just rumor at this point, so take it with a grain of salt!  If CF rumor is true, I bet SeungGi was so nervous to meet him…