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Gu Family Book: Jung HyeYoung as Head Gisaeng [Stills]

Jung Hyeyoung’s Gisaeng/Courtesan character, Chun Sooryun, is SO hardcore!  She took Seohwa in only after someone asked her to, which, I’m assuming was Dam Pyongjoon (who decided to go against villain Gwanwoong’s orders).   Wondering if Sooryun and Pyongjoon have a relationship or past.  Or maybe she empathized with Seohwa because it reminded her of her past?   Why else would she risk being caught by crazy villain Jo Gwanwoong.  Hope she turns out to be a good person.   Curious what role she’ll play, if any, later when Kangchi grows up…..

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Gu Family Book: Respected actors Jo SungHa, Lee SungJae, Jung HyeYoung + 1N2D Seunggi with sunbaes

 photo 2013032100_0.jpg

[VIDEO] 1N2D-Supporting Actor Special – Sleep Bokbulbok!
(Everyone’s fighting to stay in, talking about who they should throw out!)

JoSungAh: Let’s go with Seunggi… Seunggi…
(LSG’s like no way as all the hyungs gang up to push him out! puahaha!)
Hodong: That’s a warning Ahn GilKang!

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Seunggi, Suzy, Gu Family Book script reading + storyline

OMFG, can’t believe this is really happening soon!  Exciting! These official press release script reading photos are from Feb. 1, but I think they had one prior to this too?  Anyway… anticipation is building up and viewers are waiting~~~!!!!

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Dramabeans: Script readings galore for spring’s upcoming dramas

Koalasplayground: Lee Seung Gi and Suzy Lead the Cast of Gu Family Book

Enewsworld: Lee Seung Gi & Suzy Attend First Script Reading

Soompi: Lee Seung Gi and Suzy Show Great Chemistry During First Script

Allkpop: Suzy, Lee Seung Gi, and more attend first script reading

I was looking forward to the relationship between Kang Chi and his father the most, after this Seunggi – Suzy fancam from the Seoul Music Awards, I can’t wait(!!!) to see Kang Chi and Yeo Wool together!  And I love that this is not traditional saguek since I’m not really into that genre!  Anticipating an engaging script and great production. I know Seunggi can bring out the best in Suzy, and vice versa for this drama project!

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Seunggi at 2010 Letter from Angels opening via press photos

*** UPDATED with press event the following morning with photo participants
Lee Min Jung, Seoul Mayor Oh, and Photographer Cho. Maybe Seunggi and other faves like Han Hyo Joo will also make a surprise visit before the exhibit ends? ***

Seunggi couldn’t make the 8th Letter from Angels: Happiness photo exhibit opening on December 15 since he had to perform at the 2010 Melon Awards. Nevertheless, looks like Seunggi and Baby Min-Jun were still very much there and present…

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