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Gu Family Book: Respected actors Jo SungHa, Lee SungJae, Jung HyeYoung + 1N2D Seunggi with sunbaes

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[VIDEO] 1N2D-Supporting Actor Special – Sleep Bokbulbok!
(Everyone’s fighting to stay in, talking about who they should throw out!)

JoSungAh: Let’s go with Seunggi… Seunggi…
(LSG’s like no way as all the hyungs gang up to push him out! puahaha!)
Hodong: That’s a warning Ahn GilKang!

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Gu Family Book character map + first stills of Lee Seunggi’s parents, Lee Yeon Hee and Choi Jin Hyuk

Love the recent addition of Jo Sung Ha! Can’t wait to see him and Seunggi together!  1N2D Supporting Actor Special introduced me to him.  He even skipped attending Cannes for his movie because of 1N2D!  Best move ever, since after that, he became a household name, as did all the other actors on that special!  Loved all those guys.

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Breakout star Chef Kim Jung Tae, sous-chef Seunggi, and more actor bromance [1N2D Supporting Actor Special Part 2]

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Actress noonas to actor hyungs and another Seunggi ip-soo [1N2D Actress finale & Supporting Actor Special Part 1]

Warning~~ Super long post!  Couldn’t help it!  Ok, daebak LSG cuts from the Supporting Actor Special Part 1, but first Final episode, Part 3 of Actress Special…

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Preview: 1 Night 2 Days [1N2D] Supporting Actor Special

Set to air in two episodes on June 12 and 19 (PD Na mentioned it could be extended), PD Na recently talked about the Brandname Supporting Actor Special…

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