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Gu Family Book: Seunggi saves gangster Jo Jaeyoon

So happy gangster Ma Bong Chul experienced redemption… through the kindness of Kangchi, of course.  Seunggi and Jo Jaeyoon bromance really cute together off-camera (and on camera!).   Can’t wait for their scenes together in later episodes…

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Seunggi shows gratitude for Gu Family Book, prepares Pizza Hut meal, enjoys with Yoo Yeonsuk, Lee Yubi, Gang leader

* Updated with Pizza Hut facebook message and photos. Aw~ “Seunggi-nim~~” *

Lee Seunggi’s 150 person big pizza present.
“Pizza in hanboks? Feels like a time-slip”

English: LSGfan via Newsen/Nate

Lee Seunggi prepared a big pizza meal present for 150 people from MBC Monday-Tuesday drama “Gu Family Book,” including the staff and fellow actors.

On May 11, on  the set of “Gu Family Book,” Lee Seunggi shared his appreciation for the staff and fellow actors who had been filming continually all-night and suffering from early-season heat, by preparing cheese box pizzas from Pizza Hut, which he has been active as the exclusive endorsement model.

In particular, since the actors had a busy filming schedule, they ate the pizzas in their drama costumes, showing a time-slip feel and a very different colored scene.

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Gu Family Book: Seunggi fights for the townspeople [Stills]

Aw, Kangchi as hero to the townspeople, fighting on behalf of the less fortunate and down-trodden is seriously breaking my heart!  And the chants of~~ Choi Kang Chi!  So heartwarming.  Can’t think of a more perfect person to be playing this role!

Dramabeans: Gu Family Book, Ep 4 Recap

Dramabeans: Gu Family Book, Ep 3 Recap

I totally get why Writer Kang wrote the Kangchi character with Seunggi in mind!  Gu Family Book works in as much as we are able to get behind Kangchi and root for him, and there has to be some degree of star personality to get us on board early, and Seunggi’s real-life top favorable image lends itself seamlessly to the character of Kangchi so we’re able to buy-in early on.

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