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‘A-list’ Endorsement Models – Lee Seung Gi, Jang Dong Gun, Jo In Sung – Dominate Household Appliance CFs

Household Appliance CFs Dominated by ‘A-list’ Heartwarming Men
[March 2, 2014] By Kim Ah Rang
English: LSGfan via Yonhap News

CUCKOO Lee Seung Gi – CUCHEN Jang Dong Gun – WINIX Jo In Sung.

“Marketplace Competition is ‘Fierce’… Sales, CFs, Impact are Exceptional.”

Household appliance companies are competitively showcasing top-star male entertainers as their endorsement models.  Just as much as housewives are the prime target demographic, appointing ‘Hoon-nams’ (Heartwarming Men) as endorsement models is the marketing strategy of choice to bring about increased impact.

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Seunggi for Zipel’s 2012 new kimchi fridge design [Aug 2011]

Can’t wait to see photos of Seunggi modeling the fridge at the event! Ha. (Cody, I’m warning you~!)  Wow, time really flies!  This was Seunggi at last year’s kimchi fridge unveiling~ And at last year’s Massimo Zucchi launch~  Aw, one year goes by so quickly!  Kimchi is Korea’s most famous signature side-dish and so the competitive world of Kimchi fridge CFs (fridges in general) are no joke!  Especially when we’re talking about the select big brands and the A-listers brought on to endorse them~

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‘CF King’ Lee Seunggi, already $7.5 million earnings this year!

Source/English:  LSGfan via Asiae/Daum

[August 19, 2011]  “Nation’s younger brother” Lee Seunggi is already closing in on 8 billion KRW ($7.5 million USD) or more from CF earnings this year.

With outstanding looks and competence, a sincere image, and even variety wit, Lee Seunggi has surpassed cream of the crop top stars  such as Jo Insung, Won Bin, and Hyun Bin and maintained the number one spot as the CF model most preferred by advertisers.

According to the Korean CM Strategy Research Institute, through the end of July, Lee Seunggi had appeared in the most CFs in Korea, totaling 11 endorsements that include Zipel, KB Financial Group, KB Card, Pizza Hut, Pyeongchang Su, Chung Jung Won, Sunkist, Activia, Perioe, The Saem, and Kolon Sport.  Furthermore, his CF appearances for electronics, beverages, cosmetics, clothing, and finance/banking touches various corners of the advertising industry.

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Jo In Sung, Lee Seung Gi, Cha Seung Won invited and threatened to appear on the “Soo Mi Oak” show! [ENG]

*** UPDATED with ENG-subbed videos ***

A new promo clip for veteran film, musical actress Kim Soo Mi’s cooking and lifestyle talk show, Soo Mi Oak on cable channel QTV, featuring her 3 pets!  Her Jo Insung love is legendary; she even got a shout-out from him at his military release press event!  And she was totally unabashed about her love for Seunggi on the the Actress special, claiming Seunggi as untouchable!  And now add Cha Seung Won to her select list…

(video: ENGrapport)
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