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Korean stars for Cartier Love Collection [December 2012]

Christmas in 10 days~~!!!  Can auntie in Korea please surprise me with a red box?!  Maybe she’ll be moved by holiday spirit(!) and contribute by purchasing a gift??!!!

[Press Release] December 1~31, 11am-7:30pm.  Cartier.  Cheognamdong, Seoul.  2012 Love Collection exhibit.  In its 6th year, profits from sale of the Love Bracelet will support the International Vaccine Institute to help stop the spreading of diseases among children living in poverty around the world.  Korean stars taking part in this year’s campaign include: Kim Taehee, Kim Namjoo, So Jisup, Lee Seunggi, Ji Jinhee, Han Chaeyoung, Jessica, Choi Siwon, Park Taehwan, Suzy.  The campaign aimed to capture and photograph the naturalness of these stars.

Cartier Winter Tale (not Seunggi-related, but Cartier-related!  Sooooooo cute!)

(video: Cartier)

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Seunggi & Jessica scarf kiss, SH Photo Diary

Awwww.  High quality pix of this non-scarf kiss scene up on Strong Heart Photo Diary.  I think it’s hilarious that the SH staff actually photoshopped in those animated pink cheeks on Seunggi!  so cute!  And Jessica looks cute too.  Seeing her on other variety shows, something about her just didn’t connect with me.  But she’s been on SH two times and each time I’ve liked her more.  But what’s up with not painting the 4th nail and doing a french mancure on it?

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SeungGi and Jessica’s infamous scarf kiss (video)

EDIT 2 — okay, I just finished watching this whole episode and the preview news releases were not only misleading, they were just flat out false.  seriously, can you report something that’s not true?  anyway, if you see the entire Jessica-Seunggi part, she talks about how she dreams of having a scarf kiss someday.  And then the other guests chime in with their kiss ideals.  And then Etuk asks Seunggi, what’s your dream kiss, to which Seunggi says that on the lines of what Jessica said, he thinks that would be ideal but where the guy then tugs the scarf and the girl towards him.  The audience goes nuts over that idea and then Hodong says we should reenact it.  So it wasn’t that Seunggi said that he wanted to have a different kind of scarf kiss with Jessica, as reported in the news outlets, but that he wanted to have a different kind of scarf kiss in general.  ok, enough said on this!  I won’t belabor this anymore!  :) :)

Jessica, SeungGi, and scarf kiss on Strong Heart news

(photo credit: Arts News)

EDIT —  okay, the Strong Heart PDs got what they wanted.  The Jessica-Seunggi scarf kiss preview news is getting top buzz on the internet portals and news sites.  Fine, you have to get people interested to watch.  And if it’s like the ep last week between SeungGi and his kdrama partner from Famous Princesses where it was for fun and acting – fine.  But Strong Heart has done this a few times already- putting out preview news linking SeungGi to some female guest to get attention prior to the show.  and sure sometimes inevitable, but I’d rather not see this on a regular basis.  It’s not a match-making relationship show…

Like usual, there are sensationalized press releases coming out in preview of Tuesday night’s broadcast of Strong Heart. And supposedly SNSD’s Jessica, one of the guests on the show that day, says that she dreams about having a romantic “scarf kiss” (popularized in kdramas) someday.  And if I’m reading the news correctly… that they then either acted out some sort of related scene or SeungGi directed Jessica in a related scene…

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