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Airport fashion/style – Seunggi for Japan Live 2013

October 5, 2013.  Gimpo Airport, Korea, enroute to Japan Live concert. White t-shirt (omg, not tucked in).  Long-sleeve grey vest (perfect).  Long flowy scarf (let me raid his closet and steal all those d*mn scarves!).  Casual loose black pants (paired great with fitted top).  Leopard-print sneakers (Awesome).  His fave Balenciaga bone-color travel bag (my fave too).  Very nice gold timepiece (never can go wrong).  Classic black eyewear and another new hairstyle…

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Anan Japan – Seunggi’s wake-up morning routine

Photos are such a tease~~  Seunggi’s Japan shoots always sooooo jjjaang.  Just a typical morning~~?  Wake up (in bed!) looking lovely.  Brush teeth.  Pour coffee from pretty flask.  Then…. take random photos hanging out in a European car~~?!?!♥

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Seunggi arrives in Korea after Universal Studios Japan

September 1.  Japan back to Korea.  My absolute fave LSG airport fashion EVER~~!!
(I can even ignore his usual airport mushroom hairstyle…. to some extent.)
Fitted t-shirt and perfect casual, stylish lightweight cardigan, and sunglasses clipped.

Fancam @0:37~ “Oppa annyeong!”  That’s how you get Seunggi’s attention.
(video: mijoi0113)

Fancam~ slow motion + music~~ the best kind.
(video: sh Reine)

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Lee Seunggi suited up with guitar, Universal Studios Japan

August 31, 2013.  Universal Studios Japan.  SO like Seunggi to be classic suited up for an outdoor concert in 85 degree weather!  I miss LSG’s white t-shirt but he looked great~~ and loved LSG and his guitar.  ♪♫ As long as I got my SUIT AND TIE I’m a leave it all on the floor tonight ♪♫ (LSG, can you channel some Justin Timberlake?!)

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Seunggi for AnAn Magazine in Banana Yoshimoto novel

SO totally believable that Seunggi could live in a luxurious, posh place like this!!!
Still can’t believe how cool that famed novelist Banana Yoshimoto has been a hardcore Seunggi fan and chose him to star in her chapter series novel for AnAn Magazine!  Purely fiction of course… but with a tiny bit of reality, I’m sure!

Love the fashion photo spread…. super sophisticated and regal.  But can’t help but to always love the BTS stuffs—->>> Leeseunggi anan Making Movie is SO jjjjjangg!

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