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Seunggi’s tweet on how to support World Hunger Relief

Seunggi wants you to join him in supporting hunger relief for children.  As Korea Pizza Hut model, Seunggi participated in the ‘Love Hut Twitter Relay’ launch yesterday, one of the ongoing events associated with the 2010 World Hunger Relief campaign sponsored by Pizza Hut’s parent company Yum Foods and United Nations affiliate World Food Program.  And today, his support message and above photo were posted on Pizza Hut’s official twitter.  Read Seunggi’s tweet about how you can help…


3 must qualities for finance/banking CF models [Article]

Making of Seunggi’s KB Financial Group CF (Nov 2009)

(credit: leeseunggi01)

The 3 “S” qualities necessary to be a finance/banking advertising model:
Smart. Sweet. Spirited.

Source: Seoul Newspaper
English: LSGfan.wordpress.com

Advertising expenses (Representative endorsement models) for the major finance/banking companies during the first half of the year:

The amount below IS NOT the amount the CF model earned, but the total amount the company spent on ADVERTISING EXPENSES.   Many of the companies have multiple models; only the main representative endorsement models were indicated.

  • Shin Han Card – $11 million – Kim Ha Neul
  • Samsung Life – $8.5 million – Rain
  • Samsung Card – $8.3 million – Hwang Jung Eom
  • WeeHwan Bank – $5.8 million – Lee Yong Pyo
  • Woori Securities Investment – $5.2 million – Octopus
  • Lotte Card – $4.9 million – Han Hyo Joo
  • Woori Bank – $4.6 million – Jang Dong Gun
  • HaNa Bank – $3.4 million – Kim Tae Hee
  • KB Financial Group – $3.1 million – Lee Seung Gi
  • Shin Han Financial Group – $2.2 million – Yoo Jae Suk
  • KB Bank – $1.3 million – Shin Min Ah

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Jung WooSung & SeungGi together in Chung Jung Won CF?

*** Looks like it was just a rumor ***

Per DClsg, SeungGi filmed his 2nd CF for Chung Jung Won a few days ago, and supposedly actor Jung Woo Sung (currently filming SBS drama Athena and also former Chung Jung Won cf model) visited the filming set.  It’s unclear whether Jung WooSung came to the set just to visit or to film a segment of the CF together with SeungGi.  It’s just rumor at this point, so take it with a grain of salt!  If CF rumor is true, I bet SeungGi was so nervous to meet him…


Korean stars cheer for World Cup team via CFs

Koreans and our love for soccer… and CFs and celebs!  And the World Cup cheering campaign marketing is already out in full force from top companies and their CF star models. For example, in the (Chosun news) photo above:

– Kim Yuna, Big Bang, and rockers Transfixion for Homeplus Hyundai
– Lee Seung Gi for Pizza Hut
– 2am and Han Hyo Joo for Jambangee
– Jang Dong Gun and Shin Min Ah for some brand
– Lee Min Jung for Basic House

And it’s possible (not definite) that we may see another new SeungGi Pizza Hut CF…


“Battle of the Stars” among the Bank CFs

CFs in general are a big deal in Korea.  Aside from the lucrative contracts, the number of CFs secured by a star is often used as a measure of the celeb’s popularity…  I mean there’s a website dedicated to the ranking of CF models!  Seunggi’s been sitting at #2 behind Kim Yuna for a while, so no complaints! :)

Also, the type of CF brands are typically associated with the celeb’s popularity status.  Bank and financial group CFs are probably one of the highest status CFs out there and typically reserved for top stars.  So, when Seunggi was brought on by KB Bank last year, that was a probably a super big deal!  And the Seunggi-Kim Yuna KB Bank CF during the winter olympics was a huge hit…

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