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Singapore – 2013 Lee Seung Gi fan meeting [photos] ①

September 7.  2013 Lee Seung Gi ‘Brilliant Show’ in Singapore.  Been meaning to post more photos from this… I was freaking out over how incredibly simple and hot he looked for the fan meet!!!  Especially during the fan-fun portion — those deserve their own posts!  First, some looks from the live performance and press clippings…

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Lee Seunggi – Indonesia fan meeting press conference

Been meaning to post this… [November 3, 2012]. Showing love to Indonesia fans.

@0:34- Seunggi oppa~~~!!!  screams get personal hello waves!
MC: Can you imagine, you just wave, and everyone screams.  If you do something different, everyone will pass out! (LOLs. LSG reaction too cute!)

(video: Rahmat Dhani Saputra)

(video: karismaima)

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Seunggi sings ‘Losing my Mind’ for Jakarta, Indonesia fans

Finally~~!!!  Been dying for him to perform his My Girlfriend is a Gumiho OST song!  um, since Hook never includes the popular song in his performance line-ups (ugh).  Indonesia fans~~~ you are SO freaking jjang!  The awesome energy and crazy fangirling during the mini-concert is incomparable… even leaving Korean fans in awe in their comments!  Can’t wait to see more goodies~~!!!  ♫ ♪ Oh baby…

(video: isshundemo)

Wahhh~~~ one of my fave parts.  the ending where Seunggi spins while singing!  Aw, so much love and screaming.  Great set up of the stage so the fans in the front are really close to him and he can take in the fan love and energy!  @0:23~ Wahhh.

(video: L Bella)

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Seunggi shows off ‘Damn! I love Indonesia’ t-shirt gift

[Nov. 3, 2012] Seunggi with Mulyawan Munial, founder/CEO of Munial Sport Group, at his Indonesia press conference.  twitter@mulymunial has a pretty impressive resume (just like our Seunggi!).  MBA in Australia and has done time in management at the high-profile IMG.  Hope he and his people have some great stuffs on tap for Sunday!  Love the t-shirt gift idea!  Great photo-op!

Looking forward to more goodies from twitter@GoKpopID and twitter@kpopnesia!

(video: AirenVideo)

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