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[ENG] MBC Section TV 09.08.13 – Lee Seunggi, a Man We Want to Marry

* Updated video cuts *

Lee Seunggi, a Man We Want to Marry
Video: MBCentertainment, English translation: LSGfan

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[ENG] Girlsday Yura shows love for Lee Jungjin, but Lee Seunggi is still ideal type

Cute Girlsday Yura has impeccable taste.  Like Rainbow’s Jaekyung and model Hye Park.  Plus, she’s sweet for showing lots of love for Lee Jungjin.  Nice when Girlsday showed major respect for Seunggi on the music shows.  Ideal types change all the time, so who knows… but sweet that these girls have been consistent over the years.  Wonder who Seunggi’s ideal type is these days~~~??!!?!  He tends to change often!

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Women of all ages love “Heodang” Seunggi! + Rainbow’s Jaekyung so pretty & smart! –> “He is my ideal type” [video]

2013.03.23. KBS Saturday Morning Talk Show

[KBS Broadcasting Research Survey] We surveyed 23,532 male, females in their teens through 50s, and the top candidates out of 10 for #1 Best Variety Character are~~~ Lee Seunggi – Heodang. His handsome looks and his unexpected lacking but sincere ways. His “Heodang” character shown on 1N2D receives a lot of love from everyone…

So the #1 Best Variety Character between these two?

MC1: The nominees for #1 are expert Kim Byungman and heodang Lee Seunggi. What are the charms of these 2 characters?

MC2: They’re complete opposites. Lee Seunggi is tall and handsome, but he’s heodang. And can’t do things. (LOL. he can do SOME things, ya know!) Kim Byungman is tiny but he’s expert at things. (hehe, so true!) I’m really curious to see who’ll be #1.
MC3: Unexpected traits can make for a successful character.
MC4: Lee Seunggi has sincerity, great aura, a kindness core.  These make up his character.

MC3: This appeals to women, right?
Actress: In the case of “our” Seunggi… (hehe) Noona has to look out for him.

MC3: Jaekyung, do you feel that way too?
JK: Yes. Lee Seunggi sunbaenim is my ideal type. (not only pretty, but smart too! She said LSG was her ideal type 2 yrs ago… still now?  Love ya Girl!)

MC3: For women, he’s the frontrunner.
MC1: That’s a given, of course. (LOLs. Female MC so serious!)

English: LSGfan, Video: seungsun love

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[Star1 Jan.2013] Lee Seunggi – All About HIM from A to Z ③

Lee Seunggi – All about HIM from A to Z
@Star1 Magazine, January 2013

English: LSGfan via Star1

All about HIM.  The music and travels that Lee Seunggi likes, and what he’s thinking.  Get to know all about Lee Seunggi from A to Z…

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[TVN Taxi cut] Model Hye Park’s ideal type is Lee Seung Gi

I love Hye Park!  We should tweet her – twitter.com/iam_hyepark – and tell her she has great taste in guys!  (She speaks English too!)  I love her not just because she really likes our Seunggi (that’s a plus too!) but she’s just so cool, carefree, and honest…

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