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1N2D singing and ping-pong with Seunggi, Mong, members

The legendary days of 1N2D never get old~~!!!  The cuts still make me LOL and can brighten up a totally sucky day!  The days of Hodong, Seunggi, Mong, Jiwon, Kim C, Sugeun, and staff… when 1N2D was mainly about bringing hilarious laughs and heartwarming tears, and less about minting individual career stepping stones…

1N2D Baekdusan Special – I love you oh thank you

(video:  87leeseunggi)

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MC Mong-Seunggi on friendship, popularity, and gift-giving, late night-texting, mother-like Kim C [Love Letter, June 2008]

This is it. Post 4, the last one, in LSGfan’s the Singer Seunggi interview series on Yoon Do Hyun’s Love Letter over the years.  Seunggi and MC Mong together = Love!  They talk about friendship, popularity, and Kim C’s special affection for the guys (making Kim C’s close friend, Yoon Do Hyun, a little jealous!).  Hope Mong finds peace regarding his military exemption case, and a good resolution along the way…

MC Mong-Seungg talk 1N2D, friendship, and Kim C [June 13, 2008]


(Video: Beedance07)

Thanks again to Beedance, as these English translations were idly sitting around!

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SeungGi fans say goodbye to KimC

KimC clips from 1n2d set to MC Mong’s I love you oh Thank you and Hot Potato’s Confession (English version)…  from 1n2d fan and video extraodinaire Koolbrosia…
omg, just love these 1n2d guys so much… close to 3 yrs together is a long time! :)

(cr: koolbrosia)

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New SBS ‘HaHa Mong Show’

MC Mong and HaHa from back in the day (2008).

Check out the AllKpop article about the show and also check out 1n2dfansubs post to read comments and well-wishes from 1n2d fans.  And here’s the show’s twitter page.

>> Click here to see videos of LSG & the 2 hyungs from back in the day >>