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[Music Charts] Lee Seung Gi – I love you from now on

Music Chart rankings for Seunggi’s surprise new My Girlfriend is a Gumiho OST song, I Love You From Now On. The song was released on Sept 16, and was ranked starting on Sept 17. Check out the rankings…

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Seunggi’s new OST song, I Love You From Now On

Wow, Hook really knows how to pull at our heart strings don’t they?!  Making up for the disappointment among fans who were expecting a second OST song (ballad) from Seunggi, they hit us with this amazingly powerful upbeat and beautiful pop ballad!  OMG, the lyrics are just to die for and Seunggi sings it perfectly.  The mix of pop and ballad sounds along with the incredibly real and heartfelt lyrics… finally THE SONG and THE SOUND I’ve been waiting to hear again from Seunggi!

Lee Seung Gi’s I Love You From Now On ~ Daebak!

(Download this song at leeseunggiworld.wordpress.com