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Model Hye Park thinks Seunggi’s song ‘Return’ is simply ♥

We can add our fave top Korean model to the list of people falling totally in love with Seunggi’s album.  After showing love for her Ideal Guy on TVN’s Taxi a while back, she’s back with a tweet showing love for his song…  Aw~~ love her even more!!

이승기 “되돌리다” 그냥.너무좋다.말이필요없다♥
Lee Seunggi’s “Return” is simply.I really like it.No need for words♥
English: LSGfan via twitter@iam_hyepark

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[TVN Taxi cut] Model Hye Park’s ideal type is Lee Seung Gi

I love Hye Park!  We should tweet her – twitter.com/iam_hyepark – and tell her she has great taste in guys!  (She speaks English too!)  I love her not just because she really likes our Seunggi (that’s a plus too!) but she’s just so cool, carefree, and honest…

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