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[2012 F/W Heritory] Seunggi for stylish rainy, colder days

Omg, can’t help but to spam posts of our Seunggi in Heritory!  Everyone should look so stylish and lovely heading out on a rainy day!  Nice umbrella with extended tip.  And those look like Hunter boots?  Aw, and suspenders!  Love the layering of different textures!  Newsboy cap and large knot tie is LOVE!  Um, and sorry, but can’t help but to notice… Seunggi looks great in those pants!~~!!!  (Hehe. um, sorry, don’t mind me!)

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Fashionista Kim HaNeul, Seunggi’s 2004 ideal girl, on 1N2D

The breakout star from the 1n2d Actress Special part 1 last Sunday is Kim Haneul (Kim Sky) for sure!  Both her fashion and easy-going super likeable personality were all the buzz following the broadcast…

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