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Seunggi on Yoon Do Hyun’s Love Letter [2006 Feb & Sept]

*** UPDATED with second 2006 appearance cuts on Love Letter ***

More wrapping up of some previously started video English translations. This is the first of a series of posts on Singer Seunggi’s interviews (English-subbed) and performances on the much loved KBS music program, Yoon Do Hyun’s Love Letter. Unfortunately the show aired its last episode in November 2008 after seven years.

For those who knew Seunggi as an actor first, these interviews are SO interesting! He is definitely STILL very much the same sincere, deep person now in 2011 as he was six years ago when he debuted as a singer. Totally uncanny, in a very good way! And woah, major style change in between 7 months! Definitely, also in a very good way!

Talk [February 10, 2006] – ENG

Talk – Remake Album (female singers) [September 15, 2006] – ENG

(video: Beedance07, LSGfan)
Thanks to Beedance for encoding subs and tkfkd111 for sharing the videos!!

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SeungGi sings Kim C’s Confession song, 1n2d cut

As KimC told the 1n2d guys about leaving 1n2d only 2 days prior to last weekend’s filming, I almost teared up seeing this clip of a smiling LSG sitting next to KimC, singing Hot Potato’s “Confession” song with such passion!   Especially since this whole Korean Route episode was filmed more than a month ago and the guys had no clue about KimC leaving.

And even though he has sunglasses on, KimC seems a bit sentimental?!  I can only imagine how many tears were shed at the last filming!  And how about SeungGi and JiWon imitating their hyung nodding off?!

(cr: tryp96; DClsg)

Photoblogger’s spoliers true, Kim C leaving 1n2d

Seems the photoblogger who posted BTS photos and comments from the recent 1n2d filming was correct about the “spoilers” and… KimC is definitely leaving 1n2d and those photos were from his last filming for the show.  Looks like while I was catching up on some sleep (!) the Korean press finally picked up on the blogger’s photos/comments and now it’s been confirmed by KimC’s management that he is indeed leaving…

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1n2d, TV Ratings (5.2.10)

*** UPDATED with 1n2d single rating ***

(photo cr: DClsg; DCkjm; LSG Airen Fan cafe) 

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