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Olympic torchbearer Lee Seung Gi preps, smiles and jogs in Rochdale, Manchester!

June 23, 2012.  Rochdale, Manchester.  Congrats to Seunggi for completing his part in the Olympics torch relay!  While looking so handsome, jogging perfectly, flashing his winning smile, and waving to fans who made it (even despite being told NO ONE would be allowed, that the area would be closed off! Ok, whatever).  It was probably super nerve-wracking, so great job Seunggi!  You make fans so proud and happy!

VIDEO – Arriving in Rochdale, Manchester

(video: Tryp96)

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Olympic torchbearer Lee Seung Gi arrives in Manchester

Couldn’t miss out on our torchbearer’s special day in Manchester!  So LSGfan is back online (after a brief offline protest of Hook, Cody, and Hairstylist).  And based on Seunggi’s Europe photo and news travel log… *sigh*  Who do I despise more?!?!~ Hook or Cody?!  They’re both ridiculous and clueless.  Airens spread awesome LSG fandom while Hook’s nonexistent, uncool PR and promotions are… *double sigh*

Despite the continuous inexplicable fashion and style sabotage from the 3 Stooges(!), much love to the amazing Airens and world fans for capturing our LSG’s lovely smile for the rest of us!  Seeing him so happy and having fun makes me super duper happy too!  Can’t wait to live stream his torch relay jog…   Per Tryp, Seunggi’s scheduled to run at 2:44 BST.  Yay, 9:44am EST in the USA!!  I’m excited and nervous!!!  The sporty  torchbearer uniform should fit his body perfectly, so Hairstylist… please don’t screw things up on your end for LSG’s world-wide moment~~~~!!!!

London2012.com – Torch Relay live stream

BBC – Torch Relay live stream


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Thanks to Seunggi for doing all those exhausting interviews!

Seunggi~~ All those interviews must’ve been exhausting! Get some much deserved rest and pampering… body massages and facials are the best and my fave things!

I seriously really don’t get what Hook Entertainment is thinking… Sigh…

Seunggi’s 8-year debut anniversary phototweet from Hook

Um, while NOTHING beats Seunggi’s smile… I SO want to hack into Hook’s lame twitter account and kidnap the person (perhaps Hook!) in charge of the phototweets!  Maybe I’m the only one wishing for more natural feel, non-staged background looking, less formal and laid-back, fun and totally cute Seunggi photos~~ like this one…!!!

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Ugh! I really despise the 3 Stooges (Hook, Hairstylist, Cody)!!

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Lee Seung Gi: Rumors on new SBS show + 1N2D Season 2

Here we go again.  Separating the TRUTH from all the RUMORS regarding Seunggi’s involvement in variety programs in the coming new year…

What we know to be TRUE (based on comments from official representatives)

  • 1 Night 2 Days Season 2  is in the works and will be helmed by Choi Jae Hyung PD (formerly of KBS Invincible Baseball).
  • 100-Person Table, a new SBS variety program set to air in March/April 2012, will be helmed by Shin Hyo Jung PD (formerly of KBS 1 Night 2 Days).
  • Hook Entertainment acknowledged that Seunggi has been asked to appear on the new SBS show “100-Person Table,” but no concrete details or plans have been discussed; and that confirmation of Seunggi as MC for this program is a false report.
  • SBS representatives state that nothing has been confirmed or finalized about Seunggi as MC for this new show.  However, they acknowledged that they are sending a lot of love calls to Seunggi to MC or participate in variety programs.

And at this point, only RUMORS (some true, some false, definitely contradictory!)…

  • Seunggi and the other members will not be participating in 1N2D Season 2.
  • Seunggi will be the MC of the new SBS show, 100-Person Table.
  • The show will be a talk show format program.
  • It will be a 1N2D-like program that tours Korea and accomplishes missions.
  • Along with Seunggi, 6-8 MCs will also be involved in the new show.
  • Cha Seung Won is in discussions of joining the show.

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Front page plea for Hook Entertainment’s official LSG site!

Ok, that took like 3 minutes to put words promoting Seunggi’s album and title song on the above concept image photo!  Yet, this is WAY better than that crazy get-up Hook’s got up right now on the LSG official front page!  Dear Captain Hook~~!  It’s all about messaging, branding in this 21st century information age… so please get with it~!

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