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For Seunggi’s Best Love cameo, Hoi Couple & kids please!

*** UPDATED: BTS photos of Cha Seung Won hugging Seunggi! SQUEAL! ***
Omg, what are both Seungwon and Seunggi wearing?! Can’t wait for this ep to air!

Anticipating… Seunggi’s June 1 cameo on current MBC Hong Sisters drama Best Love! Really miss Hoi Couple.  Can’t get enough of those fanvideos from   Press is reporting he will be playing Lee Seung Gi himself, but please Hong Sisters, I beg of you… We need to see Daewoong!  And we need to see Daewoong with Miho!  And we need to see Hoi Couple as married and with little hoi hoi kids…

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More casting rumoring about Hong Sisters new drama Discovery of Affection – Lee Seung Gi and Gong Hyo Jin

UPDATE: This ended up being the lamest of all rumors. I’m so glad it ended up being not true!  One Hong Sisters drama is enough, thank you!  Drama is now called Best Love and stars Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin. I watched eps 1 and 2, and though I really like both actors, completely on an objective level, I’m not feeling it at all.

Ok, seriously?!  I thought the news about Seunggi planning to work again with the Hong Sisters in his next drama was simply rumor; albeit, a sort of robust rumor.  But still.  Now an Edaily article just came out with casting rumors for the female lead as if Seunggi is already finalized for the Hong Sisters upcoming drama…

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Hong Sisters 2009 vs 2010 ~ Ratings perspective

I’ll just let the numbers and situational contexts speak for themselves.

Wednesday-Thursday evening Kdrama time slot~

[SBS] You’re Beautiful (Hong Sisters)
[KBS] Iris
[MBC] Heading to the Ground; Hero

[SBS] My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (Hong Sisters)
[KBS] Baker King (later on- Fugitive)
[MBC] Road Number One (later on- Playful Kiss)

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Outcome of Lee SeungGi-Shin MinAh + Hong Sisters?

Source: Kukinews
English translation: LSGfan.wordpress.com

Review and Expectations after Episode 1 broadcast

The new SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho has been hot since its initial casting of actors.  Garnering attention for the “best combination of “Young Prince” Lee Seung Gi and “Innocent Glamour” Shin Min Ah, people were saying that this would give birth to a “daebak drama.”  In addition to the meeting of these two youthful stars, there was also great anticipation that the drama would soar because of the involvement of the writing team of the Hong Sisters as well.  And finally, the veil was revealed on August 11th…


Hong Sisters’ Gumiho drama set for August premiere

From Dramabeans post

After writing such beloved, zesty dramas as You’re Beautiful and Hong Gil Dong, the Hong sisters are coming back with a fantasy drama called My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho (a mythical nine-tailed fox), which has nabbed a slot in SBS’s upcoming schedule. It’ll take up the Wednesday-Thursday timeslot following the upcoming Kim Sun-ah ajumma-rock-band vehicle I Am Legend (which follows Prosecutor Princess).

The story features Lee Seung-gi as a somewhat wimpy dude who falls in love with a gumiho, which is a classic character in Korean folklore who looks human but eats organs to stay alive. He therefore lives in fear that she will steal his liver, unable to share his worries with his friends who all think he’s the luckiest guy alive to have such a gorgeous girlfriend. The female lead has not yet been selected, and producers are in the later stages of casting her.

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