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[ENG] Noonas Over Flowers – Teaser #6

English translation of the preview…

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HERITORY fashion teams up with Noonas over Flowers

OMG how did I miss this?!?!  One of the BEST news bits ever about Noonas over Flowers!  Seunggi in HERITORY never disappoints.  I just pray Cody stayed home in Korea and didn’t tag along for the trip… ya know, trying to accessorize and assemble outfits in some weird, unnecessary way.

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HERITORY – Tough Lee Seung Gi vs Sweet Lee Seung Gi?

[H.Talk Talk]

One hour before it’s time to leave!  A quick decisive test~
What is everyone’s choice?

Tough Lee Seung Gi vs Sweet Lee Seung Gi

English LSGfan via HERITORY facebook

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Lee Seung Gi looks stunning for HERITORY 2013 Winter

I’m so in LOVE with Seunggi in the above look!!!!  Love the HQ photos updated on Heritory for winter 2013.  I want to see Seunggi dressed like THIS next time in public!!!  Seriously, someone please explain why something SO simple has to be SO hard?!?!

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HERITORY fan signing – Lee Seung Gi greets fans 2013.10.25

(video: sh Reine) Always love her BGM-packed fancams!

October 25.  Heritory fan signing.  Hyundai Shopping Mall, Bucheon.  Just can’t help but to love Seunggi~~ I just wanna smile, hug him and go Awwww whenever I see him (well, sometimes, not so much when Cody goes all fashion terror on him!)

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