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Lee Seung Gi with Cute Little Girl for Hanwoo CF BTS photos + Making Film

Now that Lunar New Year is over and our PR Ambassador’s activities will wrap up…. Can’t remember why I didn’t post this back in the summer.  I was probably revolting against Seunggi’s ajusshi style (or something like that, again!)  lol.  But can’t help to Awww at Seunggi and the little girl from the Hanwoo CF.  Her mom’s blog entry about the CF shoot is cute~~ Mommy, is Seunggi oppa really a gumiho? ㅋㅋ

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Hanwoo PR Ambassador Lee Seung Gi Promotes Top-Grade Beef for Lunar New Year

Jan. 27, 2014, 12pm.  Cheong Kye Square, Seoul.  PR Ambassador and ‘Hanwoo Keeper’ Lee Seunggi, Hanwoo Board Chairman Kang Sung Ki, and the Hanwoo mascot(!) attend outdoor event to promote top-grade Hanwoo beef for Lunar New Year.  (This was the same day Seunggi participated in the CJ Donors Camp cooking class with the ‘Kids Over Flowers’).  I love our guy spreading public good!

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Heartwarming Lee Seung Gi for Hanwoo CF Endorsement Promo Ads – Korean New Year and Magazine Editions

So cute!  So, aside from filming one Hanwoo CF mid-last year, the ambassador appointment ceremony a few months ago,  and being photoshopped on a bunch of promo ads, Seunggi wasn’t that active for this endorsement.  I think that’s kinda rare, since these are annual ambassadorship positions.  I guess just attaching his trustworthy image to their promos is plenty!  Ha.  Hope we get to see him at a Hanwoo event before this comes to an end soon.  Hanwoo’s a big deal for Korean New Year.

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Lee Seung Gi named PR Ambassador for Nation’s Hanwoo [Arirang World – Showbiz Korea]

(video: seunggiairen)

Great English version and English-subbed video news coverage of the ‘Hanwoo Keeper’ appointment ceremony from Arirang World.  Love it when Seunggi’s songs are played in the background when they do news segments on him, even when it’s not about his music stuff.  And great intro to describe our beloved guy~~

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Nation’s ‘Hanwoo Keeper’ and ambassador Lee Seung Gi looks dashing at appointment ceremony

October 30.  ‘Hanwoo Keeper’ appointment ceremony.  Our Honorary Ambassador for our Nation’s Hanwoo looked dashing in a slim-fit grey suit and matching tie.  Still getting used to the super short hairstyle, but Seunggi looks so handsome!!  There should be more of his Hanwoo endorsement stuff to come this winter~~ Yay.

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