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Lee Seung Gi in Hanbok for New Year & Holiday Cuckoo Endorsement Ads

Guess what I got for Christmas?  Yup, a new Cuckoo rice cooker from my mom.  I told her it’s time I learn to make Korean food… so as a proper Korean girl, I can make good meals for my future husband!  LOLs.  And I’d need a rice cooker to start with.  And my plan worked.  She was so happy!  hehe.  She even bought a new premium model for herself too.

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Cuckoo Chuseok 2013 – Seunggi in traditional hanbok

*Can’t get enough of Cuckoo mode* Looking like a figurine doll for Chuseok 2013.
And even  in traditional hanbok for China print ads~~~
Was this motto on purpose~~ (THIS vs HIS) IS OUR PROMISE~~~?!?!
Brilliant association strategy…… Seunggi = Trustworthy = Cuckoo.

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Seunggi print ads for top-grade Hanwoo at Chuseok holiday

Seunggi in hanbok for Hangawi!  Korea’s top grade hanwoo isn’t cheap but it’s definitely high quality and delicious.  “This Chuseok, of course, it’s our Hanwoo.”

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Gu Family Book: Ninja Seunggi in hanbok dress [Stills]

Loved this contrast~~~  Sleek Ninja Kangchi vs Cute Hanbok dress Kangchi.

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Happy Chuseok with Hanbok Seunggi

Happy Chuseok everybody!! Seunggi says not to worry about the My Girlfriend is a Gumiho ending, that everything will work out fine.  puahhh. Ok, he didn’t really say that, but I’m sure he’s thinking that! And, btw, per PD Park’s tweet, Tuesday’s Strong Heart Chuseok special will be a 100 minute episode (yay!) and he says to anticipate a duet between Seunggi and SuJu’s EunHyuk, as well as Seunggi swooning (??!!!)…