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Lee Seunggi for LG Bamboo Salt CF (China) Making Film

(video: LSG TH)

August 11, 2014. Love Love Love this CF making film (and the CF itself!)~~~~~ from 1:00 when Seunggi appears on set, smiling and all….. ahhhhhhhh.

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Traditional and Modern Lee Seunggi For Beautiful, Romantic LG Bamboo Salt CF, China

(video: AirenVideo)

Just posting these now #LoveIt June 2014. LG Bamboo Salt CF – China.  30-sec CF version. Such a gorgeous, classy and effective CF concept.

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Lee Seung Gi in Black-tie Suit for CUCKOO Endorsement Ad

Yay~ I’m happy that Cuckoo is now using black-suit Seunggi in their promos now~

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Lee Seung Gi in New Year Hanbok for LG Healthcare & Perioe CF Endorsement Ads on WeMakePrice

Yay~~  It’s about TIME, Perioe used some more recent images of Seunggi for their endorsement promo ads.  Why I think his face has merely been photoshopped to that hanbok body?!  Royal blue hanbok really suits him!  Not sure where above ad is from, but more of Seunggi for LG healthcare living New Year gift sets at WeMakePrice…

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Lee Seung Gi for Christmas & 2013 New Year WeMakePrice Endorsement Ads

Congrats to Seunggi (and Seojin) for major 2013 WeMakePrice advertising effect in Korea’s competitive social commerce industry!

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