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Running Man bromance – Lee Seung Gi & Lee Kwang Soo

November 18, 2013.  Filming of Running Man Ep 174.  Seunggi can have AMAZING chemistry with ANYONE, even inanimate things like a rice cooker!  Because he knows how to bring out the best in the other person and naturally make those around him shine.  Just love him more every time.  And loved Seunggi-Kwangsoo together.  I think Kwangsoo secretly loved it every time Seunggi called out to him~ Hyung or Leader!  hehe.  He and Kwangsoo are such polar opposite personalities~~ Kwangsoo SO hyper and always over-the-top.  Makes for great combo with the easily excitable but funny-without-trying-to-be-funny heodang Seunggi.  More fanpics from the filming…

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[ENG] Running Man Ep 174 preview – Lee Seung Gi, Han Hye Jin, Sistar’s Bora

English translation of the preview…

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Seunggi to endorse new clothing brand HERITORY, joining other Sejung Group fashion CF stars

(Above LSG images are not Heritory brand; just my best concept guess?)

HERITORY launching event set for later today, 5pm.  Grand Hyatt, Seoul.  Seunggi, the face of the new brand, is expected to be there, as well as top stars endorsing other Sejung Group clothing brands:  Um Taewoong, Su Ae, Han Hyejin, Oh Jiho, Han Sangjin, Lee Sangyoon, Lee Sulah.  Was expecting a new clothing CF but woah, did not expect Seunggi to front a totally new brand!  That’s a lot of pressure!  But, the fashion concept really fits Seunggi (way better than previous streetwear FUBU!).  A HERITORY representative said, We chose Lee Seunggi as the model because his classy and sophisticated sensibility was a good match with the brand image.  The brand concept – A mix of British sensibility and American practicality.  Traditional.  Classic.  Casual.  Heritage + Story = HERITORY…

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