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Lee Seunggi 2012 Hope Concert [Review by AnnMichelle]

Entertainment news – MNET Wide (Lee Seunggi 2012 Hope Concert)

[Ment] LSG: Entering a concert by wires is more representative of idols~~ How did this side enjoy the entrance? Did you like it? You all hit the jackpot!

[Why is it called Hope Concert?]
LSG: I hold a concert at the end of every year. The meaning of ‘hope’ gives fullness and warmth and it seemed to fit well with my type of concert, and this is the 4th straight year using that for my concert title.

MC: This is Seunggi’s 4th year holding his Hope Concert. Each year had a special stage. Revealing his abs in 2009, a duet with Shin Mina in 2010, and a cute girlgroup dance stage in 2011.

[What is your special stage this year?]
LSG: There’s been so many parodies so I wasn’t going to do it, but then I thought it would be super fun. So I did everything.

MC: So his special stage this year was…??? Psy’s Gangnam Style. Nation’s younger brother Lee Seunggi changed it up and wore sunglasses and a shiny outfit and showcased a new side. Ballad prince Lee Seunggi could be horse dance prince now. Lee Seunggi’s Noona Style lyrics are also daebak.

LSG: There may have been both happy and frustrating events for everyone this past year, but I hope in 2013, you will always be happy and healthy.

MC: Showing us a new side at his Hope Concert, already having received much love this year, we hope Seunggi receives great love next year as well.

English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

Uber fangirl AnnMichelle wrote the 2011 Hope Concert fan account, so LSGfan asked her to do it again this year.  As most of you know, aside from Seunggi’s ballads and some pop songs (which I love!), I haven’t been that enthused by his other genre stuffs and performances (just not my music preference style).  But AnnMichelle with her undying fangirl support and love (Seunggi, even his hair and fashion! can do no wrong in her eyes!)… she always makes you appreciate stuffs more~~!!!

(Thanks AM for writing this up so quickly, even though I wasn’t able to post until now)!  

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Guitarist Jung Sungha’s tweets about Seunggi’s concert

Aw~~  holding each other’s albums – cute!  From the recent Sketchbook recording.  Love homage tweets about Seunggi!  Seriously, these 2 cute, talented guys can pass as real brothers?!?!  Never heard of Jung Sungha until a few days ago, and now I love this uber talented 16-year old guitarist!!  More photo tweets about the concert…

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Lee Seunggi – 2012 Hope Concert [Press Review]

26 year-old, young adult Lee Seunggi’s non-stop starts
(Reporter: Kim YaeNa; Images: Hook Entertainment)

English: LSGfan via TV Reporter

26 year-old Lee Seunggi has lots of ambition.  Debuting as a ballad singer, then crossing over into variety programs and dramas, nation’s younger brother Lee Seunggi has lived in the spotlight.  And he did not disappoint the passionate fans who screamed at his every little gesture and eye contact.  For 150 minutes, he gave it his all.

The 2012 Lee Seunggi Hope Concert took place on December 1, 2012 at the Seoul Olympics Gymnastics Stadium.  Lee Seunggi sang a total of 25 songs including his debut song Because You’re my Woman, and other hit songs such as Will you Marry me, Time for Love, White Lie, Let’s Break Up, and new songs from his recent album, Forest.  The first half of the concert included ballads, and the second half included varied stages such as performance, trot, acoustic, dance, and rock. (Some press outlets reporting 27 songs, and 180 minute concert).

Lee Seunggi opened the concert by making an entrance riding wires, greeting fans and sang Slave for his first song.  The audience enthusiastically followed along by jumping around.  He than sang Losing my Mind while flying to the center of the stage.  Lee Seunggi said, “Every year I worry about how I should make an entrance.  That is more stressful than other challenges!”

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[Sketchbook 2012.11.30] Lee Seunggi performs ‘Return’ + acoustic guitar stage with Ham Choonho, Jung Sungha

MC Yoo Hee Yeol starts Sketchbook talking about the importance of ‘healing’ in our lives~~ which just happens to be the official promotional description for Seunggi’s 5.5 mini-album~~ healing music!  (aw, YHY fanboy hyung!)  Crowd so excited!

YHY:  “Our first guest – it’s been so long since we’ve seen him on stage here… Soothing voice, sweet smile… but his looks are just a little bit less than me (Ha!)~~ Nation’s son-in-law, Nation’s younger brother… Lee Seung Gi~~~~”

**VIDEO~~ Return [first live performance]

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