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Seunggi, After School, new Hallyu power for The Saem CF

Woah, the new marketing of The Saem is fresh and fun, capitalizing on the unique charms and popularity of Seunggi and After School!  Having launched its brand with Seunggi one year ago, The Saem renewed his contract and also recently signed After School, similar to the marketing model of other competitors.  Looking to expand abroad, The Saem is touting the new Hallyu power of Seunggi and After School…

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Top-secret plans (rumors) on Seunggi’s Japan advancement

*** UPDATE 2 ~ Captain Hook’s follow-up (no) response bon voyage ***

*** UPDATE 1 ~ Hook’s response to the article ***

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Congrats to Hallyu Seunggi for his first award of 2011!

Ok, Seunggi just wrapped up an amazing year with a slew of 2010 awards in acting, mcing, and singing.  And now he’s gone and started the new year with a bang by receiving his first award of 2011, and on his 25th (24th in American age) birthday!


Brilliant Legacy incites new Hallyu generation

Great news as SeungGi looks to branch out more and more in Japan!  Here’s a recent 10asia article, Korean Wave: The New Generation (copied/pasted below) about how Kdrama Brilliant Legacy’s recent broadcast on Fuji TV unexpectedly sparked a much younger generation of Japanese fans compared to the older fans from the original Hallyu Wave days.

Korean dramas stir new waves in Japan

Fuji TV’s program “Hallyu Alpha” (Mon-Fri 2:07~3:00), which started airing on January 11 in hopes of creating ‘a new Hallyu generation,’ has been receiving positive feedback. Back in 2004, Fuji TV had arranged a program called “Saturday Hallyu Wide Hour,” airing dramas such as “Stairway To Heaven” and “Sad Love Song” but had cancelled it due to low ratings…

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