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Lee Seunggi & Kang Sora practice yoga on the set of 2010 Pyeongchang Water CF

Whoa~~ blast from the past!  Never saw these BTS photos before.  This was one of my MOST FAVE CFs.  Seunggi’s hair and simple outfit looked SO perfect and CF messaging was super effective.  Filmed in late 2009 after his hit drama Brilliant Legacy wrapped, and airing in Jan. 2010.  Concept was pure, clean, healthy water…  Hm, and here we are 4 years later, and Lee Seunggi is STILL very much the same!

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“Sunny” actress Kang Sora on her Pyeongchang Water CF with Lee Seunggi and her JYP-dancing on Strong Heart

*** UPDATED with English-subbed video ****

(Video: Rapport2010)

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Sunkist markets family friendly SeungGi in new print ad

(cr: DClsg)

Like the recent tv CF for Family Premium Gold juice, SeungGi is featured as uhm-chin-ah lovable son in their new print ad.  Premimum Gold is a new product from the Family juice line of Haitai Beverage and is marketed as “no sugar, no coloring, no other flavoring, 100% natural juice made of Grade A Florida oranges.”  Any of you following Seunggi’s endorsements know that the “all natural” concept is a common theme in all of his food and beverage endorsements (that is minus Pizza Hut!)…


SeungGi the lovable son in new Sunkist CF

SeungGi has a new Haitai Beverage CF out.  He first started with Haitai’s Pyong Chang Su water CF coming off as single guy-SeungGi, and then took on Haitai’s very cute Sunkist Family juice CF showing more of an older brother-SeungGi side, and now Haitai’s out with lovable son-SeungGi in their new Sunkist Premium juice CF.

Check out the cute CF and read the English subs below the clip…

(cr: AirenVideo)


Kim Yuna drinks SeungGi-endorsed water too?

Those water bottles at the bottom of the photo should look familiar to LSG fans… Looks like Yuna drinks Pyeongchang Su water just like our SeungGi!

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