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Seunggi on future wedding plans, Zipel Grandstyle Fan Meet

Ok girls~ Warning.  Seunggi gets asked about his future wedding (proposal, dress, honeymoon, etc).  It was after all, a wedding-related Zipel Grandstyle CF sponsored fan meet.  So if at this time, you can’t live with the idea of Seunggi getting married (or some super lucky girl marrying him!), then skip over the news clip :)

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Zipel Smart Lady CF & Making, set to David Choi music

Why was Seunggi coming down the stairs of this house in this CF?  Is he supposed to be married to this “smart lady” in the pea-green dress?!  CF came out a few months back but the recent perfect springy weather made me think of this.  Love this CF.  Makes me miss Seunggi’s typically perfectly coiffed gentle hairstyle…

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