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[ENG] 6.1.2015 KBS TalkTalk! Entertainment: Lee Seunggi’s New Album Release Postponed to June 10

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[ENG] 9.11.2014 Happy Together – Lee Seung Gi Cameo via Video Message for Lee Soon Jae

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Behind-the-Scene, Seunggi cameo on Best Love [ENG video]

(video: Beedance07) *Thanks to the amazing Beedance!*

Sunbae Seungwon cracking up during the lines, patting and hugging Seunggi!  Aw!  Yes, hyungs can’t help but to love their dongseng!  Their vibe totally mirrors the BTS photos from the cameo filming!  LOL at the fangirl extras who were REAL Seunggi fangirls!  On a side note,  I really DO NOT want to see Cha Seungwon (aka Dokko Jin) in fridge CF after the drama ends!  I think you’re so awesome, but anything but that CF dear Seungwon!  The scene was meant as a joke, but CFs are big stakes in Korea, so I was super annoyed with the Hong Sisters for unnecessarily scripting this…

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Seunggi cameo on Best Love episode 9 [ENG video]

Also~ BTS of Seunggi cameo on Best Love [ENG video]

(video: Beedance07) *Thanks Beedance!*

Hong Sisters script had Seunggi play like 3 different characters during his 4-minute cameo: polite Lee Seunggi himself, cute mischievous Cha Daewoong, and a little Dokko Jin in training. I should just be very thankful his scene was pretty long and that he was looking so radiant and lovely. Omg, I’m so missing the hair!…

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“Little Dokko Jin” Lee Seunggi and sunbae Cha Seung Won, Best Love episode 9 cameo [BTS photos preview]

Seunggi filming his cameo for Hong Sisters current hit drama Best Love.  There’s 3 awesome posts up at the MBC Best Love photo gallery, 2011.05.31.  Loved it when Seunggi’s cameo was announced, but these photos, especially with Cha Seungwon (17 years older sunbae) are daebak!  See/Read photo teaser texts in English…

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