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Actor-Singer-MC Seunggi’s 2010 Awards wrap-up

There’s a reason Uhm-chin-ah, Nation’s brother, Multi-entertainer, Actor, MC, Singer Seunggi is one of Korea’s most beloved!  Ok, anyone not impressed by Seunggi’s 2010 awards needs a serious head check!  And because of his hardworking, sincere, humble attitude, Seunggi having practically no antis is legendary in K-entertainment!  And we’re talking some major award events, and some major awards that actually award talent!  Of course, in addition to the fan fave popularity ones…


Seunggi self-entertains, hangs out with DJ Doc, SuJu, Boa [2010 Golden Disk Awards photospam]

***  UPDATED with hilarious show clip of Awkward Seunggi-Boa ***

Meant to post these earlier on. Hope to see more wins for Seunggi at the upcoming entertainment and drama awards so he can add to his 2010 music award wins…


SeungGi’s 2010 Golden Disk Award speech + interview

*** UPDATED with English-subbed videos ***

Belated congrats to Seunggi for winning a 2010 Golden Disk Award for Love Taught me to Drink! AND for winning a Golden Disk for the second straight year after winning in 2009 for Will You Marry Me. AND for winning in both years despite not having time to officially promote his songs due to a crazy busy schedule! AND winning despite a sea of gazillion idol groups! AND kudos to Korean Airen fans for voting “day and night!”

Digital Song Bonsang Award presentation and Seunggi’s speech
(YT video embeds are blurry lately; click on YT icon at bottom to see clear picture)

(credit: ENGrapport/rapport2010)

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25th Annual 2010 Golden Disk Award nominees

*** UPDATE ~ Online vote final results: Yesung (44.4%); Seunggi (43.9%) ***
Hope Seunggi is one of the winners this Thursday!  Kudos to Korean Airens!

See real-time votes at ~ Golden Disk Awards Popularity Vote current standings

(original post, Nov. 18)

Nominees for Korea’s prestigious 25th annual Golden Disk Awards were recently announced.  It will be held on December 9 at Koryo University.  And Seunggi’s song “Love Taught Me to Drink,” is up for BOTH the Digital Bonsang Award and the Popularity Award, despite Hook NOT letting Seunggi promote the song at all…

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Lee Seung Gi wins 2009 Golden Disk Award [video]

LSG’s song ‘Will you Marry Me’ was released during summer 2009, and despite not being able to promote the song because he was filming Brilliant Legacy, it still received much much love and won the Golden Disk Digital Bonsang Award last year on December 10, 2009. Read LSGfan’s translation of Seunggi’s speech…

(credit: yhdiary)