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“Battle of the Stars” among the Bank CFs

CFs in general are a big deal in Korea.  Aside from the lucrative contracts, the number of CFs secured by a star is often used as a measure of the celeb’s popularity…  I mean there’s a website dedicated to the ranking of CF models!  Seunggi’s been sitting at #2 behind Kim Yuna for a while, so no complaints! :)

Also, the type of CF brands are typically associated with the celeb’s popularity status.  Bank and financial group CFs are probably one of the highest status CFs out there and typically reserved for top stars.  So, when Seunggi was brought on by KB Bank last year, that was a probably a super big deal!  And the Seunggi-Kim Yuna KB Bank CF during the winter olympics was a huge hit…

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2010’s Handsome Stars, who made the cut?

Video clip of TvN Enews, 2010 Handsome Stars cut, 4.7.10 — Having looked at the representative handsome stars from back in the 1960s and then in 2000, TvN lists the top 5 handsome stars looking to represent in 2010.  See who made the cut…

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