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Lee Seunggi in classic Ferragamo + Cartier for Esquire [ENG]

August 2013.  Love the Esquire online 12-page layout at imagazinekorea.com.  Yay for super-zoom!  So why the Honolulu, Hawaii location shoot…?  Well, it IS a gorgeous vacation spot!  And maybe Seunggi wanted to travel FAR away after Gu Family book filming wrapped…  (He deserves NOT to be on his knees for any of his next roles!!)

I love Cartier, so I was SO ecstatic that he showcased all these gorgeous timepieces and the “Love” jewelry.  Plus, love him in glasses~~!!!  And so handsome in all these classic looks, especially all the Ferragamo!!!  I translated the fashion and accessories specifications.  Since I love this kinda stuff!  Cartier (yes that is a $13,400 timepiece!) and Samsonite chose to also have the cost values be included…

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[Star1 Jan.2013] Lee Seunggi’s Transformation has begun ①

Lee Seunggi’s Transformation has Begun ①
@Star1 Magazine, January 2013

English: LSGfan via Star1

A nasty chuckle, deceptive eyes, agile as if cut with a knife.
Indeed, will it be okay to anticipate this type of demeanor from
Nation’s Younger Brother Lee Seunggi?
Lee Seunggi comes back with song ‘Return.’
He has, for today, changed.

Directed by Kim Ji Yeon. Photographed by Lee Jono.

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Seunggi’s NYC diary & fashion shoot [ELLE, March 2011]

*** UPDATED with Elle Korea’s short film of “Cold City Guy” Seunggi. Love it! ***
Elle Korea finally broadcast the accompanying video/short film! LSGfan was totally anticipating this! Thanks Elle! Has such a sad, melancholy but beautiful feel to it…

Short Film~ Nothing on Me. Cold City Guy Lee Seung Gi. New York City.

(Images: Elle Korea, Video: leeseunggiworld)

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