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Lee SeungGi Japan Fuji TV special, 5/2/10

This 30 minute special aired on Fuji TV in Japan back on May 2nd.  I’ve included translations for the SeungGi parts below the clips.  The rest is pretty pretty easy to follow even if you don’t know japanese since it’s basically about how wonderful and popular SeungGi is!

The special looks like a mix of all the short clips they were airing after each BL Japan broadcast, with some new footage too.  I really love seeing it all together in one clip because it really shows how much SeungGi is doing!  Like I totally take for granted singing-acting-variety-cf SeungGi, and to be at the top in a lot of these areas = pretty amazing!!!

Lee Seung Gi, Fuji TV Special Part 1 of 2
(Video: Tryp96;  English text: LSGfan)

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Brilliant Legacy incites new Hallyu generation

Great news as SeungGi looks to branch out more and more in Japan!  Here’s a recent 10asia article, Korean Wave: The New Generation (copied/pasted below) about how Kdrama Brilliant Legacy’s recent broadcast on Fuji TV unexpectedly sparked a much younger generation of Japanese fans compared to the older fans from the original Hallyu Wave days.

Korean dramas stir new waves in Japan

Fuji TV’s program “Hallyu Alpha” (Mon-Fri 2:07~3:00), which started airing on January 11 in hopes of creating ‘a new Hallyu generation,’ has been receiving positive feedback. Back in 2004, Fuji TV had arranged a program called “Saturday Hallyu Wide Hour,” airing dramas such as “Stairway To Heaven” and “Sad Love Song” but had cancelled it due to low ratings…

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Brilliant Legacy, April broadcasts in China & Japan

(cr: DClsg)

Having recently ended a successful broadcast with high ratings on Fuji TV in Tokyo, BL is set to make April premieres on 2 channels in China and 2 channels in Japan.  There may be more to come…

Per DClsg, the geographical broadcast areas in Japan are shown above:  blue = Fuji TV; light green = Ishikawa TV; yellow = Kinsaye(?) TV.  The Japan broadcasts will probably use the same dubbing version from Fuji TV?  Hunan TV is also using dubbing.  Not sure why they just can’t use the regular voices and subtitles instead?  Looks like they’re building on Seunggi’s older kdrama Infamous Princesses as well, which I think had a popular broadcast in China recently.  Check out the previews…

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Brilliant Legacy ends in Japan, TV ratings summary

UPDATED — with 10asia article about high viewership ratings!

(photo credit: Edaily SPN)

On March 30th, Fuji TV aired the final episode of Brilliant Legacy. 

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Brilliant Legacy, “Daebak” ratings in Japan as well, 1st in its time slot

As posted earlier, the ratings in Japan for Brilliant Legacy are “daebak” as well!  A lot of people are speculating that a certain LSG-HHJ kiss scene that was the highest rated scene in Kdrama last year may have somethng to do with it!  This news is being followed by the Korean news outlets as well. 

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