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[Music Charts] Lee Seung Gi – Time for Love

*** UPDATED – 4 weeks later, Day 28 (Nov 10) Music Chart Rankings ***

Seunggi’s 5th Album is expected to drop on October 27.
Day 1 for ‘Time for Love’ on the Music Charts is October 14, 2011…
Pretty much “All-Kill” on the music charts… I sense Daebak~~!

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Video teaser and Seunggi’s message announcing 5th album

Hello I’m Lee Seunggi. The reason why I’m greeting you…
Currently I’m on the set of my 5th album jacket photoshoot.
Finally, what all of you have been waiting for.
Something I’ve been working really hard on and really wanting to share,
Finally, the 5th album.

The 5th album, what should I say…
Should I say, an album that I really studied a lot for?
My affection for and involvement in this album is much higher
And because Korea’s top composers participated,
as much as you all have waited, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

The 5th album is planned to release in mid-October
so everyone please show a lot of support
And as much as you’ve all anticipated this,
I hope you will show a lot of love and enjoy the album.

I will also be holding a concert in December
So if you want to hear the 5th album and other songs
please come and enjoy the concert together.

5th Album~ Fighting!

(Video: Tryp96/Official Lee Seunggi, English: LSGfan)

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Seunggi on plans, encounters, farewells, and new album song release next week! [Letter to fans, 2011.10.06]

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Seunggi on upcoming album, writing lyrics, rhythm, dieting, and fan stamina [Letter to fans, 2011.09.18]

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Seunggi expresses gratitude, hints at “surprising news,” and shows us Seoul in Times Square [Letter to fans, June 2011]

This post is dedicated to Seunggi fangirl Tryp96 who seems to exist without needing sleep!  We decided she deserved a break, even if it be a small translating one…!

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