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Lee Seunggi – Pizza Hut commemorate 2012 World Hunger Relief Campaign

Happy we’ll see 4th straight year endorsement model Lee Seunggi for the annual World Hunger Relief Campaign again at the end of this year~~~  To commemorate…

[September 2012]  World Hunger Relief Campaign.  Pizza Hut in Ap-gu-jeong, Seoul.  Korea Pizza Hut Representative, Lee SeungIl.  United Nations World Food Program Chief, Im Hyungjoon.  Korea Pizza Hut Model, Lee Seunggi, and some lucky fans…

(video: Seunghwa Seok)

[October 2012]. Pizza Hut World Hunger Relief fan signing event with Seunggi~~~

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Lee Seunggi & Heritory renew endorsement contract for 2013

As expected, but still great news and a big accomplishment.  Heritory is renewing their endorsement contract with Seunggi for the 2013 year! Aside from figure skater Kim Yuna and actress Kim Taehee, I can’t think of another celebrity in Korea that has had so many long-term consecutive contract renewals as Seunggi. And with such high-profile companies (i.e., Samsung Zipel, KB Financial Group, Kolon Sport, Pizza Hut, LG Perioe, Danone Activia), which in turn, become synonymous with Seunggi.

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Heritory Lee Seung Gi fan signing in Bucheon [July 2012]

[July 6, 2012] Fan signing event with Seunggi at the Heritory store in Bucheon. Wish there were more clear photos from this event.  Love the plaid shirt with navy blue jacket.  Even Manager-nim outfitted in Heritory too, in striped Lee Jae Ha cardigan~~

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Lee Seung Gi’s Activia fan event talk and fun [July 2012]

[July 5, 20120]  Wah~~~ I can’t help but to smile too!  The LSG smile effect!

(video: 믿고보는 이승기)

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Activia fan signing event with Lee Seung Gi [July 2012]

[July 5, 2012].  Activia event and fan signing.  How can someone’s hairstyle change SO much from one day to the next?!  I loved his hairstyle and look this day!  This is his best hot-hairstyle look… in my book.  Messy with no part OR a left-to-right part.  And then mix things up a bit from there.  I’m not into the right-to-left part at all.  But the smiling face never disappoints!!!!  Love it!  So the fashion style look for the day…

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