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Heritory Lee Seung Gi fan signing in Bucheon [July 2012]

[July 6, 2012] Fan signing event with Seunggi at the Heritory store in Bucheon. Wish there were more clear photos from this event.  Love the plaid shirt with navy blue jacket.  Even Manager-nim outfitted in Heritory too, in striped Lee Jae Ha cardigan~~

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Lee Seung Gi’s Activia fan event talk and fun [July 2012]

[July 5, 20120]  Wah~~~ I can’t help but to smile too!  The LSG smile effect!

(video: 믿고보는 이승기)

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Activia fan signing event with Lee Seung Gi [July 2012]

[July 5, 2012].  Activia event and fan signing.  How can someone’s hairstyle change SO much from one day to the next?!  I loved his hairstyle and look this day!  This is his best hot-hairstyle look… in my book.  Messy with no part OR a left-to-right part.  And then mix things up a bit from there.  I’m not into the right-to-left part at all.  But the smiling face never disappoints!!!!  Love it!  So the fashion style look for the day…

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Lee Seunggi Zipel fan signing in Gwang-ju [2012.01.26]

Jan. 26, 2012. Thursday, 2pm.  Zipel fan signing.  Samsung Digital Plaza, Gwang-ju.  100 fans who braved the cold scored tickets.  But looks like others (a lot of them!) got to hang out and watch.  Very cool!  10  Zipel blinged-out fridges signed by Seunggi available for purchase.  Giveaway of 50 signed 5th album “Tonight” CDs.  Heard there were lots of elementary, middle schoolers than what you’d usually expect… for a Zipel fridge fan signing!  Ha.  As usual, I can’t help but to love screaming fancams!  Plus, Seunggi talks about his drama!  YES!!!  King King King~~~!!!  (Videos: Allure151)

[Fancam1] LSG walks in to screaming awaiting fans!  Loves it!

[Fancam2] Starts event by signing 10 special blinged out fridges.  The fridges will be available for purchase. Omg, but then he almost trips while walking over to sign the other fridges! All I could think was deja-vu to Lee Minho on the red carpet!  Whew! So glad he didn’t fall!  So the MC keeps telling the elementary/middle schoolers to be careful and to get down from on top of the fridges in the back!

[Fancam3] Screaming fangirl atmosphere in the back.  While LSG signs the fridges, the younger fangirls/fanboys were like totally spazzing out!  Woah, constant screeching.  I can’t help but to love it!  I’m sure Seunggi did too!  Ha. Omg, poor security and event organizers.  Fan accounts said that this fan signing had way more schoolgirls than usual! Seunggi seriously has fans of ALL ages, both girls and guys!

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Cardigan Seunggi for Chung Jung Won fan sign [2011.11.02]

*** Yay!  Close-ups of Seunggi in gorgeous black (HERITORY?) coat! ***

Nov. 2, 2011.  Chung Jung Won fan signing event.  SO glad his hair has grown out!  He looked great (despite Cody’s usual ajusshi Seunggi concept!)  I was looking back at past fan signings, and seriously, I have no idea who that short-hairstyle guy is at those events!   I’m loving these crystal clear, lovely fancams!~~

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Chung Jung Won “thundering” Seunggi fan event! [ENG]

*** Updated with ENGLISH-subbed videos ***
Hope there’s no thunder + rain at Seunggi fan meet camp tomorrow! LOL.

July 26, 2011. Chung Jung Won event. Cody really knows how to ruin my day. Now, I usually wait a few days so that by then, the fancams and fanphotos distract me away from Cody’s unfortunate fashion ensemble choices. *sigh* The cuts of Seunggi’s LOL shock-laughter-composure reaction and comments to the thunder are daebak!~

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Daejun underground The Saem Seunggi fan signing May2011

This was kind of cool. Two weeks ago, the May 31 The Saem fansigning was held at the Daejun shop, one of the many stores located in the underground subway mall!  Plus, finally happy to see an acceptable look for a Seunggi fan signing event!…

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