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Strong Heart 3.16.10 – LSG was always a diligent actor

(photo credit: newsen)

Guest, Go Joo Won, was on Tuesday night’s Strong Heart.  He was one of the main leads from the KBS 2006 drama Famous Princesses. HE said that b/c LSG did such a natural job in the drama, he though LSG as an actor would be “daebak” following that drama — to which everyone laughed. LSG joked that he wasn’t sure if that was a compliment or an insult. Go Joo Won said that yes LSG was also doing singing and then later variety, but that he thought LSG would do great in acting. Go Joo won said that on the Famous Princesses set, LSG was really hard working and very involved and thus he received a lot of love from the more seasoned actors.

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Lee Seung Gi ♥ Shin Ji Soo on Strong Heart

(photo credit: Newsen)

Coincidental timing or perfectly planned public relations coup for SeungGi with the announcement of his new Kdrama, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho?  As posted previously here, Shin Ji Soo (LSG’s girlfriend/wife) from his 2006 KBS drama Famous Princesses will be on the Tuesday broadcast of Strong Heart.  Per TV Daily, the SJS and LSG hadn’t seen each other in a long time and there was a heartwarming feel on the set of Strong Heart’s filming.

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Nation’s Younger Brothers Lee Seung Gi vs. Jang Geun Suk

According to TV Report, there’s going to be a corner called “Star Wars” on a KBS show saturday night, comparing the appeal of Seung Gi vs that of Jang Geun Suk.  don’t know why we koreans can’t just let people be! :)  do we always have to compare people?  can’t 2 people be equally successful at a given time?  geez. 

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MCs LSG & KHD on upcoming Strong Heart [PhotoDiary]

Uploaded on SBS today.  SBS Strong Heart Photo Diary.  You can check out photos of other guests at the link under TV sites to the left.

Also, next week’s ep looks really fun. the theme is TV couples, I think.  And Seunggi’s girlfriend/wife from his KBS drama Famous Princesses from way back when is going to be on!  omg, I can totally see Hodong giving Seunggi such a hard time and trying to create another match!!!!  The preview clip of them talking was so cute!  if anyone has that preview clip, please share.