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Seunggi & SNSD reunite on 1N2D via Music Bank 3yrs later!

(video: peyalicious79)

Woah, major flashback!  3 years since Seunggi-Sugeun worked Music Bank and mopped stage for SNSD for 1N2D travel money!  Ha!  This 1N2d ep where Seunggi and the 4 SNSD girls (Yoona, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung) make a rainbow aired on Dec. 18, but filmed on Dec 2, a week before his bigtime Hope Concert!  OMG, he was totally like I hope I don’t run into anyone else I know at Music Bank!  Ha.  Love how he felt most comfortable bothering the SNSD girls to help him with this 1n2d mission!  And kudos to the girls for being so cool about it despite prepping for a Music Bank filming!  So the REASON why Seunggi + SNSD ended up making a rainbow…

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An early photo peek: Lee Seunggi 2011 Hope Concert, Day1

Finished reading some fun Korean fan accounts and photo tweets!  A real daebak concert!  Kept seeing repeated comments that you could tell Seunggi prepared A LOT, that his musicianship was on full display.  Aw, congrats to Seunggi!  Since there was no drama this year, it’s awesome there was a lot of love for his music comeback!

I don’t think press articles will come out until after Day 2 concert on Sunday.  Probably to avoid spoilers for concert goers.  But there was an article about…

What Seunggi said at the concert…

Keeping the promise I made with you all, I’ve held a concert every year. I prepared this concert for that reason as well. While there were various happenings this past year, I feel so content that as a singer, my 5th album was released. And I’m happy because I really feel that the 5th album was notable because of all of you. You waited 2 years to see singer Lee Seunggi and I don’t know if I’ve been able to make up for that.

Actually, when I had my concert here in the Gymnastics Gymnasium last year, I thought it was it was just because I had become more popular. But this time, I learned that not anyone can just have a concert in the Gymnastics Gymnasium. Thus, I’m really grateful.

Via Osen/Nate; English LSGfan

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Missing this 1N2D era with hyungs Hodong, Kim C, Mong…

*** UPDATE*** 

Let’s remember the Love… Let’s measure in Love… Seasons of Love…
Just like how Seunggi always sincerely and gratefully does, right~~??!!
ALL 1N2D members + fans~ FIGHTING!!

(video: blackred44)

1N2D members talk about [Strong Heart] Seunggi on Win Win

Sort of ironic.  November 1, 2011.  SBS Strong Heart aired part 2 of its 100th episode with Hodong-less, solo MC Seunggi, and over on KBS Win Win where Sugeun is one of the MCs, Taewoong was the guest and joined by 1N2Ders, Jiwon and Jongmin.  Talk about Seunggi was sort of inevitable, but Win Win and its MCs seem to never shy from mentioning Seunggi (and Hodong) and Strong Heart on its show or via captions, despite being rival shows, often joking that their tv ratings are not as high!

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1N2D’s Jiwon, Jongmin, Seunggi~ fashionable travel looks

On last week’s 1 Night 2 Days waterfall special, the members displayed comfortable but fashionable travel looks that were distinctive and well-matched to their images. A smart casual look for Eun Jiwon, a color-matched summer look for Kim Jongmin, and a dandy (high-brow stylish) travel look for Lee Seunggi.  Which style do you go for?~~

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