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Epitone Project “working with Seunggi on his album felt like a mom’s heart of the top student in school”

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Epitone Project talks “Working with Lee Seunggi was a new chapter for me”

Epitone Project “Working with Lee Seunggi, a new chapter for me too”
(Lee Yun Jung, Reporter)

English: LSGfan via Yonhap

One-person band, Epitone Project (Cha Se Jung, 28) is known as ‘Indie’s Idol.’ Despite not participating in any tv broadcasts, each of his albums have sold close to 20,000 copies and fans have stood in line to sell-out concerts. When his second full album was released last June, it garnered a great amount of buzz when it conquered the charts, beating out songs from the likes of idol groups Big Bang and Wondergirls.

Epitone Project is once again seizing the music charts. But the ‘method’ has changed. Not as singer, but producer for singer Lee Seunggi’s 5.5 mini album, Forest, which has been dominating the music charts.

On November 29, we met Epitone Project at a cafe in HapJungDong, and when asked about the “secret to popularity,” he replied, “I’m not sure” and quickly blushed and was very much like a shy young adult.

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Seunggi talks Epitone Project and his 5.5 mini-album songs

* Updated with ENG-subtitle. Click CC to turn it on.  Thx Loen Ent! *

Give twitter@epitoneproject some love!  He tweeted about Seunggi’s album release!

And just a few snippets from the Loen Entertainment Coming Soon Interview~~
(Loen said it was going to upload English subtitles in a few hours)~~

(video: LOENENT)

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Lee Seunggi – 5.5 Mini Album release Nov 22 [K-music links]

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