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[ENG] Lee Seung Gi Got a Song from Duble Sidekick for Lee Sun Hee’s 15th Album – MBC Today Morning

* Updated with ENG-subbed video

(video: lovelyclover)thx!!!!

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Lee Seung Gi & The SeeYa’s Song Min Kyung – Perfume MV [Screencaps + GIFs]

I didn’t even know who The SeeYa and Song Min Kyung were prior to this MV.  She’s the same age as Seunggi.  Well, technically, she’s older by 8 days.  But it’s only been an year since her debut.  In the BTS video for the MV, she said it was “an honor to work with Lee Seunggi sunbaenim.”  She seems sweet.  Still wish we got more interaction between these 2 characters, but the MV’s cool and it’s a nice song.

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Tears Perfume – K.Will & Noel’s Jeon Woo Sung, starring Lee Seung Gi [Official MV, English lyrics, Stills]

(video: LOEN MUSIC)

The song sounds great, but hmmm, not what I expected at all for the full MV.
Made me wish they just played the teasers and images on repeat instead…

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“Tears Perfume” MV Teaser 2 starring Lee Seung Gi – K.Will & Noel’s Jeon Woo Sung

(video: LOENENT)

So now we know who the “?” joining K.Will on the song is… Noel’s Jeon Woosung.  Have to admit, drama OST powerhouse voices K.Will + Noel are going to be pretty awesome.  And with actor Seunggi starring for the first time in someone else’s MV, yup, it’s going to be that much more amazing!  It’ll be kinda weird to see Seunggi in an MV in which he’s not singing, but I don’t think I can imagine his voice in a duet with a guy…  I prefer him paired with female vocals.  Didn’t realize Seunggi (27) is like 6 years younger than K.Will (33) and Jeon Woosung (34).  I don’t recognize the girl in the MV, but she better not totally mess with our main character’s heart!  So excited for full MV on Tuesday, December 17.

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“Tears Perfume” MV Teaser starring Lee Seung Gi [GIFs]

Seriously can. not. wait. until the full MV release on December 17!  I can’t stop crazy fangirling over this freaking awesome MV teaser!  Whoever styled Seunggi’s hair and fashion, and created the MV concept… please call Hook and give her tips on how to prep, promote, and manage in today’s industry (that is, if she’ll listen!)  Actor Lee  Seunggi in this type of character for his next project please!  GIFs and captures~~~

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