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LSG’s Brilliant Legacy BFFs on the set of Dong Yi

That is all of Seunggi’s BFFs… minus Seunggi.  Looks like Han Hyo Joo and Bae Soo Bin got a special visit from their Brilliant Legacy castmate Moon Chae Won on the set of Dong Yi.  Really love this entire BL foursome (of course only second to LSG-HHJ couple!) and during BTS BL filming they all really seemed chummy!

I despised Moon Chae Won’s BL character but really love how laid back and natural she is in real life. You rarely see her with a lot of make up or her hair all styled up.  I think she secretly likes Seunggi!  ha ha ha.  Well she chose him over Lee Min Ho on the BL YSMM special.  Actually, I think HHJ is a secret LSG fan too! :) Miss BL! :(
I’m still reeling over the fact that LSG chose MCW over HHJ in his Ideal World Cup!

Anyway, wonder what they talked about on the Dong Yi set…

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Dong Yi: Brilliant Legacy’s ‘HwanSung’ Han Hyo Joo

LSG’s Brilliant Legacy HwanSung other half’s new MBC sageuk drama Dong Yi had its first broadcast in Korea on Monday night.  It is in the same time slot as SBS medical sageuk drama and KBS drama comedy Birth of the Rich.  There are high hopes for Dong Yi because it’s from the same PD who did Jewel of the Palace that launched Lee Young Ae into acting fame; the PD also personally chose Han Hyo Joo.  After the release of the tv ratings, some of the news outlets are reporting that the Dong Yi ratings were lower than expected.

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Brilliant Legacy lives on at Korean restaurant

(credit: DClsg)

The seul-lung-tang (설렁탕-ox bone soup) restaurant from Brilliant Legacy continues to benefit from the kdrama’s popularity.  Based on recent photos posted by a DClsg fan, looks like the place did some nice renovations and is still prominently featuring cast photos.  although the life size cutouts seem a little overkill! :)  Great marketing idea considering that BL is currently airing in Japan and is in the works to be broadcast in like 80 other countries — foreign fans will probably want to check out the restaurant if they are visiting in korea. 

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