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[GIFs] Seunggi & Puppy’s #SoCute CUCKOO CF Chemistry

Can’t believe this puppy gets WAY more action than any of the actresses in Seunggi’s dramas!!!  Well, the puppy IS incredibly cute and adorable, but still…. I would’ve forgiven You’re All Surrounded Writer-nim on all fronts if she scripted a Daegu-Soosun remotely close to this!  (ok, the kiss scene in the last ep kinda made up for it)  Here’s hoping we get to see Junsu like this in ‘Today’s Love’~~~~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Maybe he’ll have a dog in the film.  Seems to go with his character’s personality.

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[GIFs] Seunggi Reacts To CUCKOO CF Ice Hearts + Water

Gifs!!!! Seunggi with his CUCKOO Ice No. 5 heart-shaped ice cubes and purified water~~~~ seriously killing me.  And his always amazing REACTION-gasmic expressions……… words cannot describe^^ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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Lee Seunggi For CUCKOO Ricecooker China Promo Ads

Because Seunggi for CUCKOO can always make me happy~~~
Catching up on some pics (from April!) saved in my ‘Drafts’ folder…..
Seunggi in pastel blue jacket, black suit and tie look, white suit, and hanbok~~~^^
Of course~~~ “Classical” is SO fitting for our guy.

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Lee Seunggi Sings and Makes Hearts for Cuckoo ‘Ice No. 5’ Ice Water Purifier CF

[2014.05.19] Cuckoo Ice No. 5 CF (30s)
English: LSGfan, Video: AirenVideo

Seunggi: My Cuckoo-yah~ My ice-ah~ Fresh everyday and pure Cuckoo ice.
My Cuckoo-yah~ My ice-ah~ My clean and pure ice.
Always Cuckoo Ice No. 5.

Voice: Made instantly, more delicious ice. Cuckoo ice water purifier.

Seunggi: My refreshing ice~ Always Cuckoo Ice No. 5.

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Cuckoo ‘Hybrid 365’ CF – Puppy’s Diary Thanks ‘Uncle’ Seunggi

[2014.05.19] Cuckoo Hybrid 365 CF – Puppy’s Diary
English: LSGfan, Video: LSG TH

Puppy (Little kid’s voice): Puppy’s Diary. There was so much fine dust today, I just didn’t want to talk.  It’s been raining these days so my fur’s been all wet and a total mess.  But Seunggi Samchon (Uncle) changed the air… Wow~ how did he know?! Puppy’s story~ the end.

Seunggi: Home air is the best. Cuckoo Air Purifier Dehumidifier Hybrid 365.

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CUCKOO ‘Hybrid 365’ CFs – Seunggi & Puppy

[2014.04.30] Cuckoo Hybrid 365 CF (15s)
English: LSGfan, Video: AirenVideo

WeatherWoman: There’s a lot of fine dust today…

Seunggi: Cuckoo will be bright.

WeatherWoman: As it rains in our country…

Seunggi: Cuckoo will keep things fluffy.

FremaleVoice: As air purifier and humidifier meet, all-year round~ Cuckoo Hybrid 365.

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CUCKOO Water Purifier CF – Seunggi Gives Kiss to ‘You’re the First’

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