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[ENG] 3.7.2018 CUKCOO 40th Anniversary Gala Interview with Global Ambassador Lee Seunggi

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[ENG] Cuckoo ‘Hybrid Eco Range’ CF – Lee Seung Gi Cooks and Makes Us All Want A Chef!

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CUCKOO Electronics Press Day – Endorsement Model Lee Seung Gi Presents New ‘Hybrid Eco Range’

(video: 조선일보 동영상 채널/Chosun Ilbo)

“On October 6, 2014 at the Seoul Plaza Hotel, Cuckoo Electronics exclusive model, Singer Lee Seung Gi, presents Cuckoo Electronics’ new product, ‘Hybrid Eco Range.'”

Photos (via tweets) from the Cuckoo press day…

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[CUCKOO Pressure Curved CF – GIFs] Seunggi Prepares Lakeside Terrace Dinner Date #SoRomantic

September 2014. Gifs from CUCKOO Pressure Curved CF.
ok Seunggi is too perfect in the CF… and pretty much close to that in real life!

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[CUCKOO Pressure Curved CF] Seunggi Prepares Romantic Luxe Dinner For Girlfriend

[September 2014] 30s, Cuckoo Pressure Curved CF
English: LSGfan, Video: AirenVideo

♪♫ Try to remember the kind of September…
when life was slow and oh, so mellow ♪♫ 

Seunggi: It’ll be good to anticipate… (ahhhh Seunggi~~~~^^)
More awesome. More gentle. (he’s preparing such a super refined dinner!) 
A more… Complete me. (oh he reaches out to invite one seriously lucky girl!)

(omg Seunggi snaps his fingers on the terrace to cue the romantic lights! The girl’s reaction~~~^^ yeah, Seunggi is just too amazing!!)

Voice: Meeting for the first time, a high pressure cooked rice taste.
Today… More delicious.

(oh Seunggi is feeding her ㅠㅠㅠ this Glamping set/style is too perfect!)

Seunggi: Cuckoo Full Stainless Eco High-Pressure Curved.

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‘Seunggi & Teddy Bear’ Series Photos For Cuckoo Promo

Cuckoo China has been seriously awesome. Regularly posting behind the scenes promo ad photos taken when the first CF was released.  These Seunggi and Teddy Bear photo series is just too much!!!! omg why so cute Seunggi?!?!?!  But I still don’t get how the teddy bear is related to the Cuckoo products lol.  I guess it doesn’t matter when these are the resulting photos~~~~~~~~~^^

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[ENG] 2014.08.20 SBS One Night TV Entertainment – Lee Seunggi Films New Cuckoo CF, Talks Movie ‘Today’s Love’

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