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SeungGi sings Kim C’s Confession song, 1n2d cut

As KimC told the 1n2d guys about leaving 1n2d only 2 days prior to last weekend’s filming, I almost teared up seeing this clip of a smiling LSG sitting next to KimC, singing Hot Potato’s “Confession” song with such passion!   Especially since this whole Korean Route episode was filmed more than a month ago and the guys had no clue about KimC leaving.

And even though he has sunglasses on, KimC seems a bit sentimental?!  I can only imagine how many tears were shed at the last filming!  And how about SeungGi and JiWon imitating their hyung nodding off?!

(cr: tryp96; DClsg)

1n2d, TV Ratings (5.2.10)

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(photo cr: DClsg; DCkjm; LSG Airen Fan cafe) 

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