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Seunggi packs food boxes for hungry children at Chung Jung Won and Heart Heart volunteer event

Nov. 30, 2011.  Delicious Happiness through Sharing.  The community service event was sponsored by Chung Jung Won parent company, Daesang, in association with Heart Heart, a Christian non-profit organization aimed at aiding children in need.  Volunteers assembled Chung Jung Won gift set boxes to be delivered to poverty-stricken, under-nourished children all over Korea.

Dasang President Park Sung Chil, CEO Myung Hyung Sup, Executive Director Joo Hong, endorsement model Lee Seunggi, and many company employees took part.  Heart Heart reps included board chairman Shin In Sook, SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong, gagwoman Kim Hyun Suk, and actress Oh Yoon Ah.

Currently in his second consecutive year as main CF model for Chung Jung Won, a top premiere food company known for its natural, wholesome products, Seunggi followed in the steps of previous CF models Jung  Woo Sung and Jang Dong Gun with a very haute first Chung Jung Won CF 2 years ago!  But too bad Jung Won-sshi seems to only prefer a cute CF Seunggi since then!  I still miss that 1st CF Seunggi!  (even though it was slightly inappropriate?! Ha) Please bring him back soon~~!!

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Cardigan Seunggi for Chung Jung Won fan sign [2011.11.02]

*** Yay!  Close-ups of Seunggi in gorgeous black (HERITORY?) coat! ***

Nov. 2, 2011.  Chung Jung Won fan signing event.  SO glad his hair has grown out!  He looked great (despite Cody’s usual ajusshi Seunggi concept!)  I was looking back at past fan signings, and seriously, I have no idea who that short-hairstyle guy is at those events!   I’m loving these crystal clear, lovely fancams!~~

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Chung Jung Won “thundering” Seunggi fan event! [ENG]

*** Updated with ENGLISH-subbed videos ***
Hope there’s no thunder + rain at Seunggi fan meet camp tomorrow! LOL.

July 26, 2011. Chung Jung Won event. Cody really knows how to ruin my day. Now, I usually wait a few days so that by then, the fancams and fanphotos distract me away from Cody’s unfortunate fashion ensemble choices. *sigh* The cuts of Seunggi’s LOL shock-laughter-composure reaction and comments to the thunder are daebak!~

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Seunggi for Chung Jung Won cooking classes, plus new models Jun Ji Hyun, Han Ga In follow up Lee Hyori [CF spam]

Love all the huge promo banners for the Chung Jung Won cooking classes.  Seunggi looks so cute!  I would definitely sign up for these luxurious lessons if I could…

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1 Night 2 Days vs. I am a Singer – Match Game [July 3, 2011]

1 Night 2 Days (KBS) and I am a Singer (MBC) went head to head in the same time slot for the first time on July 3. With dismal ratings for its part 2 program (New Recruit), MBC changed up its Sunday night lineup and aired its super popular I am a Singer for the entire part 1 and part 2 of its Our One Night program and it paid off…

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