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Seunggi, Cha Seung Won cameo Zipel kimchi fridge CF [ENG]

30s CF, Zipel Asak [ENG]

Another daebak video from Beedance!!  Seunggi is too cute!  Heartwarming hyung-dongseng feel, and it’s a fun throwback to Seunggi’s Best Love cameo.  But maybe because this is more Dokko Jin than Cha Seung Won, but his image seems a bit scruffy for pristine kimchi fridge ad world.  He’s a great fit for his other CFs though…

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Lee Seunggi and “Dokko Jin” Cha Seung Won battle over kimchi, then hug it out in Zipel CF preview

(Video: DrMariee)

What they had to say about each other.  Aw, Seunggi-Seungwon really are “hogam!

Lee Seunggi (24): “I’m very happy to have this type of encounter again following the drama with a sunbaenim I’ve always respected. Since sunbaenim, by nature, led well, it was a comfortable and fun filming.”

Cha Seungwon (41): “Seunggi is the first and only guy that I have hugged and taken pictures together with, both in a drama and CF. Seunggi has a reputation for always being sincere and well-mannered and having met him in person, he was exactly that, and seeing such a sincere hoobae makes me have a lot of affection for him.”

English: LSGfan via Newsen

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Jo In Sung, Lee Seung Gi, Cha Seung Won invited and threatened to appear on the “Soo Mi Oak” show! [ENG]

*** UPDATED with ENG-subbed videos ***

A new promo clip for veteran film, musical actress Kim Soo Mi’s cooking and lifestyle talk show, Soo Mi Oak on cable channel QTV, featuring her 3 pets!  Her Jo Insung love is legendary; she even got a shout-out from him at his military release press event!  And she was totally unabashed about her love for Seunggi on the the Actress special, claiming Seunggi as untouchable!  And now add Cha Seung Won to her select list…

(video: ENGrapport)
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Samsung renews Zipel CF contract for 3rd consecutive year with main model Lee Seunggi!~ Cha Seung Won will cameo

August 4, 2011.  Samsung, via press release, announced it had renewed its endorsement contract with Lee Seunggi for the third consecutive year as the main model for Samsung Zipel Assak kimchi refrigerators.  Since the latter part of 2009, Lee Seunggi has been active as the exclusive model for Samsung Zipel.  Seunggi is often credited for shattering the common, long-standing belief that kitchen appliance endorsements required female models.

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Cha Seung Won on most memorable Best Love cameo

Recently, Cha Seung Won did some press interviews post drama completion (for Hong Sisters’ Best Love) and affectionately talked about a hilarious Seunggi imitating Dokko Jin being the most memorable cameo, because it was so unlike Seunggi’s real personality.  He was also asked about how Seunggi would have played Dokko Jin since he was first rumored to be the most likely candidate for the role early on…

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Behind-the-Scene, Seunggi cameo on Best Love [ENG video]

(video: Beedance07) *Thanks to the amazing Beedance!*

Sunbae Seungwon cracking up during the lines, patting and hugging Seunggi!  Aw!  Yes, hyungs can’t help but to love their dongseng!  Their vibe totally mirrors the BTS photos from the cameo filming!  LOL at the fangirl extras who were REAL Seunggi fangirls!  On a side note,  I really DO NOT want to see Cha Seungwon (aka Dokko Jin) in fridge CF after the drama ends!  I think you’re so awesome, but anything but that CF dear Seungwon!  The scene was meant as a joke, but CFs are big stakes in Korea, so I was super annoyed with the Hong Sisters for unnecessarily scripting this…

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Seunggi cameo on Best Love episode 9 [ENG video]

Also~ BTS of Seunggi cameo on Best Love [ENG video]

(video: Beedance07) *Thanks Beedance!*

Hong Sisters script had Seunggi play like 3 different characters during his 4-minute cameo: polite Lee Seunggi himself, cute mischievous Cha Daewoong, and a little Dokko Jin in training. I should just be very thankful his scene was pretty long and that he was looking so radiant and lovely. Omg, I’m so missing the hair!…

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