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Master of Expressions~ Seunggi’s monthly 2011 calendar

Ok, Part 2 of the Calendar post. Loved these photos from Hook’s 2011 Seunggi calendar front cover that surfaced this week!  So much so that LSGfan felt it necessary to individually crop each photo and share with everyone!  (I did leave out a few I wasn’t too crazy about).  Just love all the expressions, from hilarious to cute to very haute!  Glad they included these fun photos alongside Seunggi’s monthly fashion photos.  Who can’t help but to smile after seeing these photos??!!

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Seunggi’s monthly 2011 calendar fashion and poses

Seunggi’s Cody either had some huge fashion epiphany at the end of the 2010 year or s/he is seriously trying to lure LSGfan back into Seunggi blog cyberspace!…