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12.8.2015 Fan Videos – Lee Seunggi Volunteers Again As Big Issue Vendor to Support the Homeless

Fancam – ‘Invitation to Me’ Seunggi♡ (video: lsg 빛나다).  December 8, 2015~ Love to see Seunggi still continuously volunteering his time and efforts when he can, which he was doing even when I first discovered him back in 2009^^

According to MT StarNews, a representative for Hook Entertainment who was also at the vendor event shared, “This is the second time Lee Seunggi is volunteering in this way.  He had been the cover model for a past issue, and it seems he noticed that ‘Big Issue’ was not selling so well when he recently passed by.  He asked whether it would help if he assisted.  And Lee Seojin said if he could help too, then he’d participate.”  Also Lee Seojin mentioned, “I’m always with Seunggi and it feels even better being able to do good work together.”

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[ENG] 2.23.2015 Official Video for Big Issue Korea ‘Star Big Support’ with Lee Seunggi

Also posting the official Big Issue ‘Star Big Support’ video from back in Feb.2015^^ since Seunggi ended the 2015 year by volunteering again for Big Issue (Dec. 2015).  Read English translation…

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[ENG] 2.20.2015 Lee Seunggi for Big Issue Korea – Making Film Interview and News

Since Seunggi ended the 2015 year by volunteering again for Big Issue (Dec. 2015), I’m posting the making film interview and news from his first time meeting Big Issue from back in Feb.2015^^  Read English translation…

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