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Seunggi performs at Chanel Korea company holiday party

Dec. 5, 2011.  OMG, on this day, when I read Seunggi showed up at Chanel Korea‘s year end company holiday party, I was SO excited!  CHANEL is my mom’s and mine ALL-TIME fave classic handbag and fragrance brand!  The classic quilted Chanel bag is timeless AND the “now and forever fragrance” Chanel No.5 is still the only scent my mom wears till this day!  But as usual… Seunggi + [Cody & Hairstylist] = OMG WTF!!!!

Omg, LOVE Chanel’s dazzling holiday campaign- christmas2011.chanel.com

So, I’m in GLEE because it’s CHANEL + SEUNGGI!  But then, it’s like DEPRESSION because of his despicable HAIRSTYLIST!!  Why the poofy, feathered, ajusshi hair for him… for a Chanel event?!  OMG.  So disappointing.  So annoying.  (but I’m used to this now, which is why I can only post a whiles after the fact- to avoid the expletives!!)

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SeungGi’s melting narration voice, Strong Heart cuts

*** UPDATED with Eng subbed/encoded videos ***

LSG video cuts from Tuesday’s (5/25) Strong Heart episode:
English translation: LSGfan; video credits: rapport2010; tryp96

Video clip: LSG’s narration voice is to die for!
[Hilarious old video clip had just been shown of SG Wannabe member trying to recite their song lyrics in a serious tone without laughing; then Park Hyun Bin recited the lyrics of his hilarious trot song in a serious tone cracking everyone up.]

omg, SeungGi seriously needs to do a documentary narration project next!  His acting is great… getting more and more excited about Gumiho drama comeback!


SeungGi styled like a prince, Korea Life Awards (5/14)

Back on May 14, SeungGi performed at two back-to-back closed events, meaning not open to fans or the general public.  The first one in the afternoon was at the Korea Life Awards at the Coex Convention Hall; maybe affiliated with KB Bank?  Per fan accounts, the event was pretty exclusive and fans who showed up were not allowed in!  Only one or two photos had surfaced at the time, but someone who was in the inside recently posted a bunch of high quality shots, and SeungGi really looks like a true prince charming…


KB Bank concert, HanYang Univ (5/17), fancams

As promised in previous photo post, KB Bank concert, HanYang Univ (5/17), photos, here are the fancams.  Includes LSG’s entire segment from start to end, including the ments in between the songs!  English subs included below the ment clips (loose translation; all the screaming made it hard to hear!).

Also, noticed that LSG is always so formal in his ments.  Does he have to speak in polite form to college students too?!  I guess he just can’t help but to be his true, upstanding, well-mannered uhm-chin-ah self!  :)

(ALL video credits: leeseunggi01; DClsg)

1) Love taught me to drink


Love taught me to drink on Children’s Day (5/5) [videos]

1st event on Seunggi’s 3-event packed Children’s Day.  Paju city council event called “Fly Birds Fly” on May 5th at 1pm.  He was the marquee performer but there were other guests/performers too.  Read that it was very crowded.  Based on the video montage, looks like they were showing LSG’s music video for “I’ll give you everything.”  Love that video and remake song but for Children’s Day?  Hmmmm…

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